Posted in March 2013

Oh My Simmy…How You Have Changed

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on The Sims 3, due to the fact that an update gave my game a bug where it basically crashed every time I clicked on Play mode. I got Supernatural bought for me for Christmas, and since it came out in September/October time, there has been a … Continue reading

What Cats Do When You’re Away

I love cats. Not to the point where I literally can’t contain myself when I see one, but in general, they make me squee. Except the bald ones. And the derpy-looking ones. “I don’t like anyone” But these sort of cats need love too, and appearances can be deceiving. Especially when things happen in the … Continue reading

Lefty Lefty Wimpy Wimpy

Wow, so now I’m actually trying to write about things that don’t piss me off I realise I haven’t got much to write about >_< Anyway, in left-handed news, apparently left-handed people live about 7 (or is it 12?) years less than a right-handed person. But I think that’s crap because if I was right-handed, … Continue reading

Currently Wasting Time: March

This month I have mostly been: Reading Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Well, to be honest, with my new job and everything I haven’t had the chance to read much of it, but so far it’s promising. Better than The Time Traveler’s Wife, anyway. Watching One Tree Hill, of course. And Girls. There’s a certain … Continue reading

Pay Back and Hollywood

There’s an author, Jamie Mcguire, who was being forced to give Amazon customers a refund (forced by Amazon, simply because they decided to send out a mass email without first talking to the author) for her book Beautiful Disaster. Although it seems the issue has been resolved now, it frustrates me that companies do stuff … Continue reading

I’m Not A F***ing Feminazi

As for feminism, I don’t like labels. Label me as one simply because I am for equality if you like, I still do not identify with being a feminist, simply because I do not identify with the term “women power” when I also have views which concern the rights of men. Labeling a woman as … Continue reading

“There’s Only One Tree Hill”

Here’s why, after already watching Seasons 1-5 about three times, and the entirety of the show once, I am rewatching it from the very beginning. One Tree Hill. Oh, I know, it’s no Dexter, but it’s really watchable and it’s a show I really get excited about when I watch it. I like it for … Continue reading