Posted in March 2014

Meat, meat, meat…more meat. And…meat?

Daily prompt 21: You’ve been exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick? Chocolate. This is a must, because chocolate releases endorphins. So while I’m on an island with strange captors, I can at least feel happy about it. Bacon should be on this … Continue reading

Day 19: Déjà Vu

Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already had the experience you’re currently having? All the damn time. My longest experience of déjà vu lasted about fifteen seconds. On rare occasions, I experience déjà vu where I predict by milliseconds what is going to happen. This is only very rarely, and it’s literally … Continue reading

Imma Slug You With My Gun – It Has Pyro!

Daily prompt 18: What activity, task or game most brings out your competitive streak? Despite my game-playing, and despite me wanting to beat my boyfriend at everything, even things I have no interest in (it’s a “couple” thing – he must not ge the better of me!), I’m actually not a competitive person. I’m not … Continue reading

Your dream destination is…Leeds!

Daily prompt 17: Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide. Well I’m from Leeds, so this should be fun. “Night Out” in Leeds is one of the best events in the city, you have the luxury experience of choosing any … Continue reading

Day 16: Stranded

Daily prompt 16: You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go, what do you do? This is going to be an extremely short post. Seriously, my explanation for this question will be longer than the answer itself. Get ready for the shortest post in … Continue reading

You Can Eat Your Way to Beautiful!

Daily Prompt 15: What was your favourite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now? I rarely remember books I read as a child that stuck with me, or that were my “favourite.” I’m sure my mother will have a few ideas about which books I wanted to read every night … Continue reading

Day 14: Introverts and Parties

Day 14. Okay, I won’t cheat. It’s like day 17. I missed a couple of days because I was just so busy, I have been writing, just at work and not in my own time. Anyway, to save confusion, daily prompts before this were: “Which six impossible things do you believe in?” – Well, to … Continue reading

An open letter to my criminal friend

Dear Scummy Chav, Thank you for breaking into my car. I lost a Lovefilm disc and checking my car after your filthy criminal paws knicked my stuff, I found it again which means I don’t need to pay 25 quid for a lost disc. Thank you for smashing my window, it was dirty anyway and … Continue reading

Day 10: Ghostwriter

Hey, so WordPress went a bit spammy last night, I couldn’t publish my posts so I’ll be double-posting today [look out for my late night post at about half ten :)] Today’s daily prompt asks me: if you could have any author – living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose? Who … Continue reading

Day 9: Playlist

So today’s prompt has me listing 5 songs that have represented my week. I don’t really like doing this kind of thing, not because I can’t think of anything, but because the songs that represent my week, I probably won’t like. So I thought I’d just put up 5 songs that I’ve been listening to … Continue reading

Day 8: VIP

Who is the most important person in your life – and how would your day-to-day existence be without them? Depressing much? I don’t want to think about the most important person in my life not being here, jeez. Well, it’s my bf Dan as most of you might have figured. And so I’m going to … Continue reading