Currently Wasting Time: March

This month I have mostly been:


Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Well, to be honest, with my new job and everything I haven’t had the chance to read much of it, but so far it’s promising. Better than The Time Traveler’s Wife, anyway.


One Tree Hill, of course. And Girls. There’s a certain funny charm with Girls, I don’t think there’s a character I can’t relate to (okay, except Booth, that guy’s a pompous dick). I miss Jessa though, whether her accent reminds me of here or her carefree, quirky nature. I think Season 2 has explored some really interesting themes that Season 1 ignored, like Adam’s alcoholism and Hannah’s quirky nature. I’m kind of sick of Marnie though, she needs to get over Charlie and get her head screwed in one direction, pronto.


Silly Andriod apps. I’ve been really lax in gaming recently. I stopped playing Terraria because after a while it’s no fun on your own (I lost my Terraria companion to Minecraft :/). I have Saints Row: The Third to play on the Xbox, so I’ll update with this once I’ve got a good playing time on it.


Ugh, I don’t know why Bubble Mania is so high on the free-to-play list. It’s basically a bubble-popping game where you shoot bubbles to free these kitten-babies. Bad thing is you get energy (5 max when waiting for it to fill on its own), not only do you lose an energy point when you fail to free all the babies, you USE an energy point to play a level. It’s a poor, transparent way of getting shit loads of money from an original free game, but that seems to be the way with most gaming developers these days. Infectonator is pretty good, and succeeds at making me late for things.

Best app I’m using at the minute is probably StumbleUpon. Although it should really be called WastingTimeUpon.


Only this. I am ashamed. My writing progress has dropped to nil while I get my shit together with my new job and stuff.

Laughing Uncontrollably At

Winding up bus drivers. Oh, how funny it is when somebody overreacts to something and you make them feel worse by not complying to their “wind your window down” wishes.

Monthly Thought

Who am I? What am I? Am I a person who thinks with a brain, or am I a brain who thinks like a person?




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