Posted in August 2013

Voice and Unreasonable Madness

Often I read fiction and wonder who is telling the story. Sometimes the main narrator isn’t the storyteller, and novels like this really piqué my interest especially in books like House of Leaves (srsly. Amaze. Get now). I’m in between things now – as in I finished a couple of quests on Fallout: New Vegas … Continue reading

Author and Icon

I recently got the time to read the interviews Margaret Atwood had about her new novel MaddAddam that her page on Facebook added. The one that stood out for me as a rather poignant note was this article from The Guardian. Atwood says that the word ‘icon’ strikes terror; that once people put you up … Continue reading

I Can Write in 2 Minutes

Sat at my desk at work on my 15 minute break. I have 2 minutes left and I’m typing this on my phone so it takes longer. And this is when I’m inspired to write. I write when I can but mostly I write when I’m bored. I tend to write at the oddest times … Continue reading

Writing Is…

To write without thinking, without researching, without thought scattering across the page and looking back at those thoughts and crossing them out. As though I can never speak my mind, not even to myself. I always think too much, over-analysing the little things while the big picture passes on by and yet to write without … Continue reading

Currently Wasting Time: August Edition

This month I have mostly be playing games, being a victim of cyber-bullying (pah!) and not doing household chores. In reading I finished The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks and I really enjoyed it. I sort of lost the plot a bit about three-quarters of the way through, because in criticism, I don’t think … Continue reading

In Other News…

“HURR DURR. I am annoyed for you so instead of complimenting you in a backhanded way I’m instead going to insult these people I know nothing about. I looks so smart, me – insulting a peoples for my lovely gain of being a bully – umm…yeah I feel good inside now, next to my feelings … Continue reading

Hot Potatoes

After a painfully enduring two-hour train ride today which had no air-conditioning and after dealing with the immense, unnecessary British heat this past month it’s no wonder people are actually going mental. On hot days, I would say the number of people driving like idiots rises immensely. I reserved seats on my train – power … Continue reading