Posted in May 2013

The Bullshit in Books (Stop Using Latin!)

We’ve all seen it, or we’ve all been it. The person who puts  something like “there wrong” instead of “they’re wrong” – a grammatical slip-up if ever there was one. Because I blog at night, I sometimes find myself correcting my “there” “their” and “they’re”‘s, but at least I re-read my stuff (most of the … Continue reading

The Terribleness of Digitalism

I believe that without the constant streaming of live television, I am becoming increasingly bad at keeping up-to-date with breaking news. I found out about the Boston Bombings through Facebook, and I read about the horrifying story on Buzzfeed. I know I can’t be the only one. When I come home from work, I check … Continue reading

Currently Wasting Time: May

Reading I just finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I loved it! I’m searching Amazon right this second to get the next installment (and maybe the third if it’s cheap!). I don’t normally like thriller/crime type novels as I find them too generic, but I really loved this book, and even though … Continue reading

Writing Project Mania

It’s hard sometimes, in trying to keep up to a blog, especially when you haven’t written anything of quality in a while and begin to think your followers might forget you. It’s even hard to write in a blog, and realise that what you should really be doing is writing something else. I don’t prioritize … Continue reading

The History of My Writing

This is a follow-on of the post Writing Project Mania and here is a bit of a guide to my writing style, and what you can expect from this project. My History of Writing 8-years-old: I began writing a story called “The Secrets of the Hidden Mountain” based briefly on my friends and cousins. It … Continue reading