Welcome to the New, Improved Lunix

I’ve totally changed my entire blog for different reasons. So anyway, to clarify what ANGER means to me and what I do when I am ANGRY:

1. USING ALL CAPS. I never do this when I am angry. I use upper case letters to either make a point, or as a funny shouting kind of thing. For example: “STOP BEEPING AT ME” and not “OH MY GOD THIS IDIOT BEEPED ME IN HIS CAR AND IT GOT ME ALL ANNOYED.” No. I never do that when I am angry.

2. Fucking Swearing. When I use swear words in a blog post, this is not anger, this is just who I am and the language I use. I do swear when I’m angry, but very rarely do I write down my anger then click “post.” I always double check my emotions before posting to avoid saying something I do not want to say.

3. Not Giving A Fuck. I don’t say “I don’t give a fuck” when I don’t mean it.

4. Passion. I can often come across as a little aggressive when I am passionate about something, or something which irritates me. I never post overly angry things when I myself am angry, because it’s just not worth it.

5. Opinion. Just because I say “just because” and use short sentences to get my point across does not mean I am angry. Just because I use “do not” and not “don’t” in this instance means I want to be very direct – it means I mean what I say, and it is a point I am getting across that I believe in.

What I am not:

  • A cold-hearted bitch.
  • Annoyed/angry at everyone and the world.
  • Bothered by people’s opinions.
  • Dismissive of people’s opinions.
  • Defensive, negative, callous, aggressive or in any other way that can be misconstrued as a cunt.

Personal Stuff:

I took my personal stuff off this site because I was sick of people holding me to my word. And some people couldn’t hack my “dark side.” I’m not a frigging Sith Lord.

What I Am:

  • Writing this to clear up anyone who thinks they are “surprised” by my “negative” or “angry” posts. It’s online. Tone does not get across. Read my stuff as cynical and sarcastic, or not at all. Likewise if you have a problem with my posting something you do not agree with or do not like, DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ IT AND THEN BLAME YOUR STUPIDITY ON ME.
  • A good friend. You forgot that.
  • Inconsistent
  • Direct
  • Sincere
  • Carefree
  • Passionate
  • Opinionated

What I Do:

  • Occasionally write stuff on here
  • Work at an SEO company which is great
  • Laugh at my own sillyness
  • Know that I can Not Give A Fuck and it sometimes bothers people

What I Don’t Do:

  • Put up with Your jealous issues and shit
  • Care very much about “friends” treating me like crap
  • Take the blame for Your stupid excuses

I’m an intuitive person, so for example if you display something about yourself that is obvious, like being a shitty person, I worked out that you were that way before you even displayed these kind of obvious signs. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t Your friend, just that I didn’t ever trust You fully.

Besides that, I redesigned and changed this blog to block certain people from stalking me. Yes, I blog. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to pick apart my posts and use them for their own social gain.

If you don’t agree with my opinions (well, it’s not like I’m commenting on great life-decisions here) and you do not have an intelligent comment to make, don’t bother making them. I can’t be dealing with people who chunter on or who make up stupid excuses as the reason why they don’t want me in their life anymore.

In summary, despite my previous posts and what You think of me, my blood-pressure has not risen above boiling point since the 14th November, when I accidentally ripped the bumper off this knobheads car. That’s when I’m angry, not silly posts that have a heightened opinion. If you see my face in your wing mirror, you’ve made me majorly mad. Mad enough that I’m coming to get you and your car. Beware.




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