Posted in June 2013

What Do Writer’s Do When They Don’t Write?

What do writers do when they’re not blogging? Typing away feverishly at a laptop in Starbucks drinking a frothy cappuccino? Scouring the library or local bookstore for some inspirational writing? Reading other blogs, essays or watching videos on TED about the origin of writing and its place in the world? No. Well certainly not this … Continue reading

Am I Real, Am I Spam Or Am I Just Dreaming?

I’ve just received the longest spammiest comment in history. I won’t post it all here, because it’s like…3,000 words. No, seriously. It is 3,000 fucking words. I read it all, because for one, I probably assume correctly it is in some way, written by a person, and not a robot. However, I also think that … Continue reading

Tumblr Love (I Hate It)

This post seems a little belated for a Valentine’s Day infographic, but I found it at work and I’ve been wanting to write something about love and its “meaning” for a while now. Ever since being bombarded with silly quotes and pictures from teeny boppers on Tumblr saying stuff like “love is..” and “guys, when … Continue reading