“There’s Only One Tree Hill”

Here’s why, after already watching Seasons 1-5 about three times, and the entirety of the show once, I am rewatching it from the very beginning.

One Tree Hill. Oh, I know, it’s no Dexter, but it’s really watchable and it’s a show I really get excited about when I watch it. I like it for lots of different reasons, but the main ones are:

1. The main characters – None of them are actually terrible actors (see variations of this statement in the cons below). They all have their own internal struggles, and each overcome these pretty well. Most of all, Brooke is singly the best example of a coming-of-age character I’ve ever seen. Her character arc throughout the entire show is pretty fascinating to watch. Plus, she’s really tiny. Have you seen her without heels? She’s like the size of a child!

2. The story-lines – There’s always something interesting going on with at least one character, even if you’re bored of another character. There’s also some decent metaphors and life advice-type things going on in it too.

3. Meaning – Which leads me to meaning. From the beginning of the show to its very end, what the show is about grips you. It’s not so noticeable in the first few seasons, but definitely in the post-highschool seasons. I’m not suggesting you can find every answer to every question you have about life in the show, but it always seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to finding meaning in life and understanding the world and people.

4. Dan – Not just because that’s also the name of my boyfriend. His character has so much depth, you actually HAVE to watch episodes more than once just to be like “well, is that because he’s being a dick, or could that have happened a different way?” For example in the first season, he and Deb separate for a while. He tries to patch things up with her and he actually has tears in his eyes when he goes to see her at Karen’s Cafe. Deb turns him away, for no good reason really, apart from the fact that a busty-slut invited herself to their beach house and Deb walked in on them not doing anything at all (there was no subtly to this busty lady, she might as well sent him a picture of her vagina with a question mark next to it). I thought that maybe if Deb had taken Dan back, he may have very well been an entirely different person. Sure he did bad things (like kill his brother for example) but I always appreciate a person who’s willing to try. And I’m glad the writers gave Dan a chance to do this. In the end, he didn’t even really need to save his son Nathan, for fans to see he’d been forgiven for his past mistakes. Sometimes trying is enough, and to me, it was.

5. Nathan and Hayley – Sometimes Hayley annoyed me, like when she fucked off with Tyler Hilton and went on tour. Sure, follow your dreams, but don’t fucking neck the guy who’s basically a musically-gifted pervert (I actually like Hilton). Their relationship, even though it formed when they were both still in nappies (practically) shows that relationships are not perfect, that the ups and downs of a couple can greatly decided the longevity of their relationship. And Nathan is always there for Hayley, I mean come on, not many guys would take back a girl who willingly left with another guy for months on end.

6. The adults get some face-time too (and they’re actually rather good at it) – Karen, Dan, Deb, Keith, Whitey – They’ve all got their own shit going on in the highschool years, and they aren’t there just to give some background to the main characters, either. In fact, you could probably have an entire episode just based on the secondary characters and it wouldn’t pull focus from the main plot arc at all. The characters are at least all mildly interesting, apart from REALLY annoying ones. Which leads me to things I don’t like about the show that much.

1. Peyton. Ugh, she is basically a deep pit of need. She has to whine about EVERYTHING and she always manages to have a drama about something. Even when she has Lucas, she has something to moan about. That’s probably why she and Lucas didn’t make a return after they left with their baby, because she didn’t need to be sad about anything, so she therefore had no purpose to the show.

2. Annoying Secondary Characters. Lyndsey, Nikki (Jake’s ex), Julian (I know, he becomes a main character, but he was a really annoying secondary character for a while), that evil chick Keith almost married. Yeah I get it, they’re SUPPOSED to be annoying, but they’re annoying for the wrong reasons. Either they’re over-doing it with the “I’m a stupid slut” character, or they’re just really bad at acting. Julian is one of those characters you grow to like. I grew to like Julian, but that’s only because he’s Brooke’s partner, and, well, she’s fucking awesome. I found him slightly annoying because, whether intentional or not, when the guy acts, there’s no light behind his eyes. There’s no emotion there, and when he said something passionate, I just didn’t feel it.

3. Silly episodes. Remember that episode when they showed the characters in a 20s/30s/40s/50s setting? Yeah, me either. The whole point of this episode was to tell us that Peyton had something wrong with her which, guess what, caused her to have more drama in her life. There was no real need for it, unless it was a significant event it was trying to pay homage to, it was just a pointless episode that I gladly skip past when watching reruns.

4. Quinn’s kissing. It’s like watching a guppie gasp for oxygen when it’s on dry land. If you put the volume on loud enough, I swear you can hear her suck air in before she smooches Clay. Bleurgh.

And that’s about it. I have to say I only really got back into it from about episode 8 of Season 1, but now whenever I’m having a bad day or feeling a bit shit, I watch a couple of episodes and everything seems alright again. Mainly because this isn’t happening to me right now:

mqdefault    *baaad hair-day*



I also like watching other stuff such as True Blood and Sons of Anarchy for sexual purposes.


4 thoughts on ““There’s Only One Tree Hill”

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  2. I love it. I only discovered it last year on netflix because during college I had no cable. I got obsessed with it. Im super sad I did not watch it before, because I totally would have gone to NC to try to meet the cast. LOL. I love Naley. I know what you mean though. They have issues (Like real couples) and even when they fix it something comes up but you still love them together. I too have watched it for a second time. Might watch again, for a 3rd 😀

    • I picked it up by randomly watching a channel when I was home from uni so I’ve seen certain episodes a few times. I’m actually watching it for the first time on chronological order from start to finish even though I’ve seen every episode! And there’s always time for watching it for a 3rd time 🙂

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