Welcome! If you’ve stopped by because you’re looking for blogs about writing, reading, and bookish-type things you’ve kind of come to the right place.

I started back in November ’12, using this platform as a place to vent a bit and write silly posts about my life. I do still write the occasional silly post, because it helps lighten the blog’s mood, but generally my posts are in-depth and ponder many a thing.

I’ve also got a new-ish blog How 2 Game. Here you can catch up on my gaming feats where I take screenshots of enemies posing stupidly and odd glitches I get now and again.

Luna is my name. Not my real one though, so don’t ask. 

Age? Too old to say I just graduated university, too young to say I’m past 30.

Location? Somewhere in the middle of England. Hint: It’s the place where The Kasier Chiefs and Scary Spice come from, and it’s Leeds.

Single? Nope 🙂 my lovely boyfriend Dan has me all to himself.

How many pets do you have? I have eleven – yes, eleven! – pets. Two dogs, Ben and Sheba. Three cats, Crow, Rook, and Bam. Four rabbits, Kono, Wilson, Wolfgang and Pippa. Two chinchillas, Riddick and Helo.

Hobbies/interests? I write, I read, I draw, I watch films and TV programmes, I play games and I write about all of these things.

That’s it.

That’s my about page.


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