I’m Not A F***ing Feminazi

As for feminism, I don’t like labels. Label me as one simply because I am for equality if you like, I still do not identify with being a feminist, simply because I do not identify with the term “women power” when I also have views which concern the rights of men. Labeling a woman as a feminist based on that they want equality is exactly what equality isn’t. I and many people I know actually live by what some would consider as “Christian” values, simply because they fit in with society’s norms anyway, however I do not identify as Christian. Saying I must be a feminist because I want equality for women is like saying I’m a Furry because I believe animals should have rights, too. Let me make this clear, I do not ACTIVELY wish for equality for women. Now don’t get your flipping ovaries in a twist, I’m not stating that I DO NOT want equality for women, I’m stating that I would like realistic equality between the sexes, but I am not willing to actively do anything about it.

Now, you may say that’s being a bit naïve. True, I can’t complain about how women don’t get this and that because they are women if I’m not willing to change the rules and the stigma behind females and equality. But here’s the difference: I don’t complain. I don’t think I’ve ever in a serious tone complained, moaned, whimpered or otherwise commented EVER on my rights as a women being abashed by the likes of men and/or society. I don’t care, to be quite honest. I don’t want to be a mechanic, I don’t care how much money I make compared to Man A, I don’t care if people think of me differently or compare me to Man B, I don’t care if people treat me differently because I am a woman. The reason why I don’t care is simple: I don’t act like the poor female, so people don’t treat me as one. Yeah of course there are those idiots who will look at me as the weaker sex, but that’s not because there isn’t equality between the sexes, it’s because they’re a fucking idiot. I could say I get treated differently by people because my attitude is not of a typical woman; that my outspoken “I don’t give a shit” nature would be thought of differently had I been a man. But women get lots of benefits, too.

If a woman is caught staring at a child, she must be maternal/broody, right? Maybe she lost a child and she’s sad about it, maybe she’s got children of her own and she’s being sentimental about it. A guy does the same thing. He’s a pervert, right?

A woman divorces her husband and they have a child. She has a job, but she drinks practically everyday and she neglects the child. The dad has no job, but he loves his child unconditionally, even though all he does with him/her is take them to the park for ice-cream. Who gets the kid?

You’re a woman coincidentally walking behind another woman, she’s about ten feet away, it’s dark, you’re both wearing heels. You feel safe, she feels safe. You’re a man walking coincidentally behind a woman, she’s about fifteen feet away, it;s fairly dark. You feel safe, she feels threatened.

Those examples are not to belittle women’s rights but to show that men have issues too. Now, some or maybe most feminists will argue that there has been a patriarchal system in society since the dawn of man. Okay I’ll agree with that. But perhaps the fight for women’s rights have been focused on, discussed, rehashed and otherwise been in the spotlight so much so that the rights of men and their issues have fallen by the wayside. Women and their values have been evolving for centuries, it is equally a possibility that men and their values have evolved just as much.

This is what my original post was about, really. Not the main bulk of it, not the precipice of it, but the bare-minimum of what it contained about feminism. Ultimately, the problem I have with anything to do with the rights of a specific set of people or group is that some people don’t just stop at equality but they go beyond this to the point where anything or anyone opposing their beliefs or values gets shunted to the side, trodd on, like their values mean nothing, like it gives women the right to belittle men because men in turn have belittled them in the past.

Seriously? Like it’s okay for women to call men dickheads or assholes because they behave like normal people and don’t pander to women because women have been “fighting a struggle.” Sorry love, but you can vote, practically work in any profession since you can fight your corner if you get turned away due to gender and you can wear skirts above your ankle without getting called a whore (in this country. anyway). No, it’s not okay to treat men like dirt because you’re ancestors got shat on. This also goes for people who think it’s okay to exploit their race because they know people are too scared to say anything different.

But besides this, I dislike being labelled as something just because I agree with one characteristic. I want animals to be able to live in a world where they are free from violence, but I’m not an animal rights activist. The only reason why people wish to label me as a feminist simply because I want equality between the sexes is BECAUSE I am a woman. That in its own fucked-up logic, is actually AGAINST feminism. Whether for good or bad reasons, whether it is in my favour or not, labeling someone as a feminist isn’t equality, it isn’t allowing someone to choose, it isn’t allowing someone the freedom to disagree, or to deviate from anything but that label.

I’m not a feminist simply because I don’t put any effort into wanting to be one. And fitting all the “values” of a feminist doesn’t count. I might be naturally gifted at cooking, but I’m not a chef. I might be ace at drawing, but I’m not an artist. Call me a feminist if you like, but I don’t care enough to appreciate any values that being a feminist brings. I want the freedom to be able to safely say I would like equality for women, animals, etc to be realistic. Yet I also want the freedom to be able to say that some women can be real fucking cunts, and some women don’t deserve to be treated equally if they’re going to exploit the terms of equality. By labeling myself as a feminist, I’d have to explain myself over and over and answer to people who say things like “but you’re a feminist, you can’t say that!” well I’m not, so I can. So there.




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