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So if you’re interested this is the bit where I talk about my animals. If you’re not interested you have permission to go now. You’re not missing out on anything, no extra bits at the bottom. Seriously.

The Doggies


Name: Sheba
Also known as: Sheboob, Shebabs.
Age: 10
Breed: Cross German Shepherd/Whippet/Jumpy thing
Why I love her: Sheba is Dan’s, but I think of her as my own! She’s a particular female who loves to eat and go on adventures for hours at a time.
Interesting fact: She can jump over six feet. She also once threw up on fellow pack-mate, Ben.

2013-06-01 14.09.21

Name: Ben.
Also known as: Benji, Bena-loo-loo.
Age: 11
Breed: Cross Collie Labrador
Why I love him: Ben is also Dan’s. Ben is such a happy dog. He’s so loyal and caring and loves attention.
Interesting fact: Ben has been blind since he was two.

The Moggies

2013-02-15 19.17.06

Name: Crow
Also known as: Crowsius
Age: 6
Breed: Cat
Why I love him: Crow is Dan’s too but he was about 5 months when I met him. By far the friendliest cat. He also makes these strange pripping noises, which I love about black cats.
Interesting fact: He once went missing for two weeks and found his way back on his own. He was a little skinny, but otherwise he was fine. Oh, apart from the BIG EFF-OFF TICK ON HIS FACE. But it’s okay because we yanked it off with some tweezers, doused it in whiskey and then set fire to it in the bathroom sink.

2013-05-31 18.46.12

Name: Rook
Also known as: Rookage, The Derpy One.
Age: 5
Breed: Small cat
Why I love him: Raised from 7 weeks, Rook is my babby. He gets a bit of stick for being the youngest, but also because he’s the strangest (I think he takes after me).
Interesting fact: He hates being touched, picked up, having any kind of human contact in any way when he isn’t in the mood. When he does want attention he leaps on the bed when your sleeping, sleeps on your head and sticks his butt in your face.


Name: Bam
Also known as: Bamage, fatty
Age: 5 or 6
Breed: Fat cat
Why I love him: He’s the clingiest cat ever! Some days it’s great, but sitting on your lap is not enough, so he has to sit on your face or stretch his paws up and touch your face.
Interesting fact: We got Bam from a friend who couldn’t keep him because their dog didn’t get on with him. Bam had a car accident when he was younger, which left half his jaw missing. His tongue sticking out there is totes normal.

The Babbits


Kono, 2 years old, female.

Kono is half Giant Flemish, quarter lop, quarter lionhead (or something like that), so she’s bigger than a house cat! She’s currently bunking with Wilson, and despite being female likes to hump him now and again to show who’s boss!


Wilson, 2 years old, male.

Wilson is like half Netherland Dwarf, half lop. He’s the smallest of the rabbits, but damn does he have a big attitude!


Wolfgang, 1.5 years old, male.

Wolfgang (Wolfie!) is currently being isolated until he gets his manhood off, then he will bunk with Kono and Wilson – Kono loves him, licking him and sleeping next to him, whereas the little shit Wilson attacks with the ferocity of a small tiger. Introduction is going to be a nightmare :/. Yes both males are black, but I can tell them apart because Wilson is nowhere to be seen!

The Chinnies

2014-01-28 17.26.57 2014-01-28 17.26.04

Riddick and Helo (pronouced Heel-o), Chinchillas!

The Chins are about 3 years old, this is a picture I took of each of them when we first brought them home two years ago, look how they’ve changed!

IMAG0341 2014-08-29 18.48.49

Riddick is on the left and Helo on the right.

The Oddies


Molly is a stray cat I demanded to keep when I was still living at home. My mum and dad have him now because he is definitely their cat. We tried to introduce Crow and Rook to him but he hissed at them, and once when we brought the dogs down for a BBQ in the garden, he freaked the fuck out and jump on top of this cabinet and smashed loads of nice glassware. Eeeps. While both our cats are house cats, Molly is an outdoor boy and he went missing for 5 weeks once. A lady found him and called us, and we collected him. I won’t say he’s a fat fella, but when he came home he actually looked cat-sized and no longer resembled the size of a small child. Oh yeah his name: we got told he was female at the vets, a year later we take him for a routine check-up – nope, that’s a castrated male.

Honorary Mentions

Pippin (2)

Pippin I raised from 6 weeks old when he could fit into the palm of my hand. He was around 6 and a half when he finally said goodbye, but he managed to make friends with Kono just before he went.

Guinea Pig Mouth!

Tilly was my guinea pig who died earlier this year. She was Pippin’s playmate and I raised her from 5 weeks old. She died at about 4 and a half which is quite long for a guinea pig her size (she wasn’t that big). Note to potential guinea pig owners: be prepared for your sweet piggy to just kark it for no reason and with no warning. Apparently they do that.


This is quite a difficult one for me to write because I’ve never spoken about this dog before. In fact just now when I added this picture is the first time I’ve gone into my folder of his pictures since he died, it’s that hard to look at them. Just seeing his face makes me upset all over again. People who don’t have pets won’t know, but it’s incredibly hard to say goodbye to a loved pet. Gizmo was the family dog we had since I was 4 and he died at 15 and a half when I was 17, so yeah that’s a long time to get to have a loyal, loving pet.

So that’s our growing family, no doubt it will get thinner and then fuller again as the years go by, but that’s having pets for you – they depend on you, love you unconditionally and then they die, right when you thought they might last forever.


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