Oh My Simmy…How You Have Changed

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on The Sims 3, due to the fact that an update gave my game a bug where it basically crashed every time I clicked on Play mode. I got Supernatural bought for me for Christmas, and since it came out in September/October time, there has been a Stuff pack out and TWO expansion packs: Seasons and University Life (which I SO freaking want. Like right now). I remember playing Sims 1 and 2 and actually really enjoying waiting for the next expansion, which was usually kept under wraps. But now, EA publishes everything. I mean, players of The Sims 3 were practically asking when the University expansion would be coming out even when the base game launched, and it’s pretty much a given that if you buy a Sim base game, you’re going to be buying expansions for it for a real long time. But stuff packs? At £15 a pop? For extra shit I don’t want or need? For added content that slows down my game?

I’ve always been against buying Stuff packs, so you can imagine my dismay when, after about a year of not playing the game, I found that EA had socialised The Sims 3. Here’s the thing…The Sims 3 can never be a multiplayer game. The sheer excitement and what makes the game so successful is its ability to allow a single player enjoy the game without friends. The whole point of The Sims is to create worlds, families and characters that no-one else can. It isn’t meant to be a game you play with friends, it isn’t meant to be a game where you compete with friends. It isn’t even a game where you should “share” your Sim experience with others online. About the only thing socially interesting about other people’s Simming experience is either A) They create something cool (with custom content or a story) or B) They take videos or snapshots of glitches and bugs that are funny. Anything else is just boring. It’s one thing looking at a picture or moment someone has done in the game (like bought a horse or something) but it’s another thing actually doing it yourself. That’s like my boyfriend playing the new Gears game to show me what it’s like when I’d much rather be playing it myself or with him. But because The Sims wouldn’t work as an online multiplayer game, EA think that by allowing people to share their gaming experience, it allows for better gaming.

That and the fact that EA push you to buy content from the store, and there’s no option to turn this off. Hey, look, they created hairstyles that are normal looking, but oh, wait. You need to buy that. Like EA haven’t taken money from us already by making people pay for DLC items and expansion packs, they create little tiny ways to get money back from you as well.

Well, the reason I stopped playing was for technical errors. Despite EA’s money-making schemes, I couldn’t ever boycott The Sims games unless they did something drastic with it. And they’re always updating it to add new stuff, even something simple as an extra interaction or item.

It’s a tad annoying that you need to play The Sims 3 on something newer than an 18-month old laptop that just meets the specs just so you can watch some people-like things talk gobbledegook and wave their arms around a lot and get sick from burnt waffles but I Sim because I fall in love with my Simmys. I care for them like I cared for my Tamagotchi when I was a kid. I laugh at them when they do stupid stuff and shout at them when they do something I don’t like. I’m pleased for them when they do well and I stick them in a pool and remove the ladders when they annoy me or I consider them “unplayable” (i.e. boring life, annoying personality, ugly as sin).

My Sim at the minute is a vampire called Lori and she has a kitten called Misty Cat she got from a neighbour. Misty hates TV and greets Lori when she comes home from work, even though they aren’t friends yet. Lori is a Paranormal Psychic and has a love interest who keeps running away every time she asks for him to do a private reading.

I played it last night and the game ran smoothly for four game days. Then she and her love interest Chauncey WooHooed in the family room and the game crashed, thus making me woo her lover all over again.

The most annoying thing about having a Sim vampire is that there’s all this awesome food around, but the only thing that can cure their thirst besides drinking from a human sim (ugh, they need to trust you before they do that or they run away. If it were me, I’d have her eat all the derpy Sims just like Jessica in True Blood) is Plasma Juice. I have Plasma cartons everywhere in my Sim house because besides being a vampire she’s lazy as shit and hates to get up before 10am.

Misty Cat ran to the litter box and fell on her bum. I didn’t even know they could do that. So she peed on the porch instead, then went back and licked it.




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