New Year New Me

Only kidding, the precise moment in time when one year ends and another begins has no correlation on my sense of self whatsoever. Only, it is nice to have a time in which to begin or end something. For me, January (or the past year, really) is seeing a new me, but that has more to do with my being lackadaisical and which running races that fall on certain months (a January start in running again means I can hit a new personal record in a 10k!).

What’s been going on the past year? Well, I aged, and therefore my metabolism finally started to slow down, which isn’t bad but for the most part has given me a round moon face (I suppose this suits my ‘Luna’ persona :P). I started running again after a decade hiatus, ran two 10ks and took part in a marathon relay (on shin splints, might I add. It was a hard time). I also bought a new rabbit, taking my total pet intake to eleven.

You mean there's more?

You mean there’s more?

I stopped eating chocolate for an entire 5 weeks leading up to Christmas Eve and I also took up Spanish, but this was a snap decision in the middle of December and not because of 2017 – though I have ambitious goals to speak the language almost fluently by this time next year (Está yendo bien, creo que puedo hablar mejor que el mes pasado donde sólo sabía decir ‘manzana’).

I also read 40 books, 10,000 pages and complained a lot about Brexit (not that these are synonymous).

I haven’t, as followers might have noticed, been posting blogs a lot. Mainly it’s time (as you’ll see below where most of that goes), and sometimes it’s because I don’t have a right lot to say (or that I want to say it; somethings are indeed best left unsaid).


Starting off 2017 with a 30-book goal, 3 down so far.

The Children of Men read the review here!

Being a Beast or, more accurately, “How to Talk About Nature Without Actually Talking About Animals: The Pretentious Arsehole’s Guide to Learning How to Be Weird”



Orphan Black – I often pick up a show after it’s power has already taken over its people, but it doesn’t fail to encourage me to be a slave to its whimsy or amazingness. How have I missed this show? Just how?

ER Season 2 – I think I’ll be drawing my pension by the time I finish all 13 billion seasons of this show.

The News – The actual news. Previously, I only got my news second-hand through my partner, or Facebook (which causes me to comment on inane people’s opinions) but watching actual non-biased (as possible) news presents a much better platform in which to stay informed in world matters – and make those opinions I spew hold much more gravitas.

Bioshock. I recently took this up again after I got annoyed with myself for SAVING OVER MY LOADS ALL THE GODDAMN TIME! But patience proves profit, and I am happily killing weird mutant-people and harvesting the hearts of little girls.
But they're already dead tho.

But they’re already dead tho.

Most embarrassing moment in January:

Steam kept showing pop-ups like “verify your mobile number” so my account could be more secure. I did it’s bidding, and received an email saying so. Then as I go to check my emails several days later, the same pop-up shows again.


Then I realised I’d only been looking at the bloody email confirmation, which looked very similar and not at all like a pop-up. Just glad I did this in the comfort of my own four walls, where no-one bar Dan can witness my stupidity.

Unless, of course, you tell people on the internet about it…


Time goes a far lot faster when you’re standing still.

New babbit!

New babbit!



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