Posted in September 2013

What Estate Agents Say: Fluffy Language Debunked

Hey guys, non-writerly post today for your viewing pleasure. About three weeks ago Dan and I gave our one-month notice to our estate agents. After a gruelling battle with the house we live in (mold, poor ventilation, stapled carpets etc) and after constantly getting at them to fix things and having trouble with the landlord, … Continue reading

God Hates Fangs. And True Blood, Apparently

Disclaimer: Some spoilers for Lost and Heroes appear in this post. A couple of hours ago news broke on True Blood’s Facebook page that the shows next season (season 7) would be its last. There’s some 57,000 comments on the post and counting, all stating their dismay at the shows end. Plenty of people are … Continue reading

What I Did Today

This is just a quick one, I wanted to share it because I found it really dorky and funny. Today I sang one verse and the chorus of One Directions’ “What Makes You Beautiful” to my boyfriend, Dan (we both hate the band and song with a passion). I sang it slowly and romantically with … Continue reading


No I haven’t been hacked, don’t worry. Just your friendly neighborhood crazy cat lady (I wonder, how many cats until you become crazy cat lady? I’m pushing that not enough?!). I’ve mentioned before how beauty bloggers annoy the heck out of me. Well, today I thought about something that I totally think should be … Continue reading