Posted in April 2013

Review: The Middle. RE: My Life

This is a kinda of review/sort of reflection on my life at the minute so read if you want but be warned I will be talking about the show “The Middle” so take it as you wish :). For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m watching The Middle atm. It’s not the funniest show out there, … Continue reading

Just a Little Something for the Followers

I hit 26 followers yesterday, so just a thanks to all those who follow me and have been reading my stuff. 26 doesn’t sound like a lot compared to some people but to me that means there are 26 people who believe in me, a total stranger. 26 people who have followed me despite my … Continue reading

What’s In A Blog?

I finally understand why nobody can moderate the internet: there’s about 15 billion trillion zillion websites that are utter crap. And that’s just the blogs. I click on thousands of sites at work per month and you’d be amazed at how many are obviously just machines creating links and a random body of text and … Continue reading

Reading “Writers’ Forum”

I got so sick of trashy fashion magazines I decided to look into different hobby and interest mags. I picked up a writing magazine a while ago and quickly scanned the front page. Not that I think someone needs to tell me how to write, but I thought it would be a good resource for … Continue reading