Currently Wasting Time: September Moving Edition

Just a proper quick post as I’m just taking a break from moving house. This month I have been getting ill from living in my current house and…not much else :/

In Reading

I’ve read Oryx and Crake (review to come soon!) and now reading a short Charlaine Harris book in between MaddAddam series. I proper love Harris and the Sookie Stackhouse books. There’s just something so calming about them. I pick up her book and I settle back in to the pillows with my cup of tea and I’m content like a content bunny.

In TV and Film

In my last post I said I still hadn’t watch The Hunger Games. Well I have now, and I thought it was pretty good (but probably not worth the wait). In TV we’ve been catching up on Dexter and Sons of Anarchy just started so woo to Juicey boy!

In Games

Been dabbling in and out of Fallout: New Vegas but I keep getting crippled. I aslo finished The Walking Dead (sob!) and Batman: Arkham Asylum which tbh I wish I had totally played it through on the harder setting because normal was just too damn easy for me.

Last night I also started playing Saints Row 2 and forgot how ridiculously silly it is.

In Writing

Now that my lovely boyfriend Dan has jetted off to University for his degree (well, not exactly ‘jetted’ – he’s still living with me) I want to find some time for myself to start writing properly again and getting my name out there because as much as my job is great, I don’t want to be doing it forever. It’s not my dream job, anyway.

Other Shit

I’m in the looong and arduous process of moving. Everything needs doing. It’s back-breaking as the house we live in now has four flights of stairs. Plus dirt and dog hair and cleaning and lack of actual money to really clean anything is getting on my nerves, but I’m so glad to be out of this place that was making us all sick. It’ll be so nice to live in a house where the doors don’t fall off!

So I might be away from the blogosphere for a while, considering the internets won’t be up for a bit. I still appreciate all my views, followers and comments though so I’ll still check in on my smartphone.

Next time you see me, I’ll be covered in dust.




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