No I haven’t been hacked, don’t worry. Just your friendly neighborhood crazy cat lady (I wonder, how many cats until you become crazy cat lady? I’m pushing that not enough?!).

I’ve mentioned before how beauty bloggers annoy the heck out of me. Well, today I thought about something that I totally think should be a real thing.

Beauty and fashion bloggers reply to me when I’m at work with emails such as:

  • Tell me your [client’s] budget and then we’ll talk
  • Do you want me to review your products? If so, send me some free samples and I’ll add a link to your client
  • Yes that’s great of you to spend all of your time taking pains to actually read my blog and mention a post you really like. But I need £50 to link to your client even though I already mention them

And my favourites:

  • I’m proud to say blogging is now my full-time job!
  • You aren’t going to pay me for my help? This is my livelihood we’re talking about! It costs me £150 a year to run this site!

And so on. Some or all of these emails may or may not hold a hint of sarcasm.

One. Love, I’m not the financial accounts manager of my clients. So I can’t nor do I wish to disclose any kind of “budget” they have, even if they had one. Which they don’t. Plus, if they did have one, they wouldn’t spend it on trying to get your terrible little blog to add a link.

Two. Stop asking for free shit as compensation. Not only is it unethical with regards to link schemes according to the fucking mighty he-bitch that is Google, you’re cheating your readers by pretending to like a product just so you can get it for free!

Three. 50 quid? Are you having a fucking laugh?

And four. Blogging is your full-time job? So either you’re already loaded, like to live hand-to-mouth, live off of your parents OR maybe you get paid for actual SEO shit that you shouldn’t be getting paid for. And don’t tell me using WordAds is the same as a full-time wage. Plus, it doesn’t cost jack shit to run a small blog when you write 6 posts a month. We also have tools to find out how much your domain costs, so we also know when you are lying.

Losing money because Google brought out a new update? (Penguin! My favourite animal too ^_^) Boo-fucking-hoo. Now you have to go out and get a proper job like everyone else, what a drama.

So, with that in mind, beauty bloggers get free stuff to play with and fashion bloggers get cool designer shit and it’s just not fair.

I propose that other blogs get free stuff too. Send me and other writing blogs things like book samples, product beta testing, even pens and paper (oh if Paperchase gave me some free stuff I’d love them forever!). People should send free shit for us to review and we wouldn’t be able to get away with reviewing a crap book either because that’s too easy to spot. We should also then take the free books we got and do competitions like beauty bloggers do, a give-away list, a charity thing where you donate to schools and such.

Because let’s face it, the most intelligent people weren’t made from knowing the difference between Kohl and Kiehl’s, right?*

Just something to think about :l



*FYI, Kohl is a type of eyeliner and Kiehl’s is a brand, mainly producing facial products. SEE I’m being tainted by beauty bloggers already. Too many times I hear myself asking people “do you ever know a lot about something you don’t give a shit about?”


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