Reading “Writers’ Forum”

I got so sick of trashy fashion magazines I decided to look into different hobby and interest mags. I picked up a writing magazine a while ago and quickly scanned the front page. Not that I think someone needs to tell me how to write, but I thought it would be a good resource for inspiration, publishing and getting to know other writers and the writing community. I flipped through it, excited at my prospects of expanding my writerly knowledge and instead I was given some whinging or falsely uplifting articles and letters by middle-aged, batty women who liked writing about farms or romance or some other such boring nonsense. One woman (Nora or Doris or something) wrote in and said that the magazine gave her inspiration to write about two very mundane people living in London (surprise) who receive a t-shirt from an unknown sender (–_–) what?

I’m not trying to berate the magazine or the people who read it, only I expected to read about writers struggling to find their voice, or writers who really appreciate hard work, or writers who try to do something a little different. But any dick can write a boring erotica rompfest between two unlikely lovers. Yeah, people lap that shit up, but it’s so incredibly easy to write something dull that any stupid idiot can pick up off the bookshelf for “an easy read.” And this writing magazine is who they cater to. Writers and readers who want an easy sell.

This magazine just isn’t for me. I’m not interested in writing for Mrs. 50-something who finds stories about women just-like-her doing things just-like-her or writing for people who just don’t get it – I like writing for people who do get it, a niche, a community who like to read good writing. I’d be quite disappointed in myself if my book reached the bestselling list within a week – it means my writing is more suitable for the masses, which in turn means there are more people out there willing to tear me down. God, I can’t even have a blog without someone getting up in my face about it (or just do a sly and delete me off a social networking site like a coward) so how can I write a book or story I want published?

It’s because I don’t write for people who just don’t get it. I don’t write for people who don’t understand me, and the only reason people tear others down about stuff like this is because they don’t understand, and they probably never will.

It doesn’t bother me that others are bothered about what I write or how I write it because I know there are people out there who aren’t bothered and won’t make a big deal out of it. People love to hate on things they don’t like or understand, but I have little to no patience for these people. You don’t like it? Don’t read it. You don’t get it? Read it until you do or get out of my business, it’s as simple as that.

I’m writing for those who get me. Not for those who hate me.



Oh and here’s a link to my travel article I wrote for work, it’s not the entire thing but most of it is originally my work ^_^.


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