Just a Little Something for the Followers

I hit 26 followers yesterday, so just a thanks to all those who follow me and have been reading my stuff. 26 doesn’t sound like a lot compared to some people but to me that means there are 26 people who believe in me, a total stranger. 26 people who have followed me despite my flaws and my blog changes (I’ve changed my blog title three times, I think I’m sticking with this one). And thanks for those who never doubted me (including people who I know read through Facebook, but don’t follow), who never thought I was a bad person for being honest about my thoughts and feelings.

When I started this blog I thought I’d give it up pretty quickly, that I’d get bored, that no-one would be interested in what I had to say. But it’s you guys who give me inspiration to carry on blogging, so thanks. If I had 26 candies to give away and I knew where you lived I’d send you one (I don’t know where you live, that would be totally creepy ;))

All my love,




One thought on “Just a Little Something for the Followers

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