Review: The Middle. RE: My Life

This is a kinda of review/sort of reflection on my life at the minute so read if you want but be warned I will be talking about the show “The Middle” so take it as you wish :).

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m watching The Middle atm. It’s not the funniest show out there, I know this, yet it gives me some sort of comfort inside when I watch it. And I figured it out last night. That’s my life. Or, I should say, that’s probably what my life will be like should me and Dan grow older together and have kids.

Take a look at what we do now, compared to what the Hecks do:

They’re messy. Or their house is at least ‘lived in.’ We’re not pigs by any standard, there might be a stray plate in the bedroom, an empty coke bottle in the living room, cat litter on the landing (there is always cat litter on the landing). We don’t live in mess per se, but we’re not neat freaks either. Our house is definitely lived in, but I like it. Our personalities are everywhere, be it Dan’s collection of Dragon statues or large bookshelf (which we managed to put up together despite mishaps. Let’s just say if anyone were 3 feet tall they would see way too many nails where there should be none), or be it the dogs toys and various blankets and beds in a room, or the cats things strewn about (such as toilet roll and cue tips) or my box of uni stuff under the coffee table. A house is not a home until it’s lived in.

The Heck’s are always fixing stuff themselves. This is mainly because they practically live hand-to-mouth (something we’re familiar with ourselves) but there’s been many a time me and Dan have done something on our own just to save money or because it’s easier. And home DIY can be fun, too. (Note the can in this sentence. Every couple I have ever known to DIY together argue about something). We’ve reinstalled some taps ourselves (with about four trips to B&Q), done some mortar work when we got a new floor in and other odd bits around the house. Apart from fixing stuff though, the family also make do if they can’t get round to doing something, or because they don’t need to fix it yet. For example, we’ve made do with the bathroom blind being broken and even though the glass is frosted I’m pretty sure our neighbours have seen our naked blurry images through the window a few times. But hey, they peeked! We also have a non-door on our bedroom because the landlord is shit and put in rubbish door frames (seriously, the landlord wouldn’t even know how to fix up a dolls house never mind his actual house) so for the past month or so, we’ve been sort of picking the door up and leaning it against the wall when we want out, and propping it up against the frame when we go to bed. It’s a good workout actually.

Their kids are strange. This is not a bad thing; I’d be glad to have different and awesomely quirky kids compared to ones who just blend in. The thing about Dan and I is that we’ve both lived in a world where we’re the odd ones out. We both go against the grain, against what people expect from us and we do our own thing. If we had kids, they’d definitely be like the Heck’s, doing whatever they want to do to be happy and not giving a damn what people think of them.

The Dad, Mike is a lot like Dan. He’s direct and honest and doesn’t care what people think.

There’s not much more in similarities, except that we have four animals and they have three kids. I don’t know what it’s like to have three kids but let me tell you, having four animals are just as taxing.

Let’s start with Ben:


Ben went blind from a genetic condition when he was about two. He’s a really special dog, whenever you’re sad or upset he’s always there to comfort you. He means a lot to Dan and he’s such a happy being. He gets around the house easily, but he’ll still bump into things which has caused his head to harden. It’s like a small child kicking you in the shins when he headbutts you. He’s also really sneaky, so if he thinks we’re distracted, he’ll totter off to eat cat litter or sniff out some empty packet from the bin.

Sheba is the only female animal of the house. She likes to think she’s the boss of everyone by growling whenever she’s not happy about something, but nobody listens to her. Especially when Ben wants her bone, she’ll growl and show her teeth and everything but Ben still takes it anyway, and she let’s him. At first Sheba didn’t really know how to act around me, but once she realised I was here to stay she now always watches what I do so she can act appropriately, i.e. jump around in circles when I stand up because she thinks this means food time.


Well I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about the dogs since I already mentioned my cats a couple of times. The cats are so naughty! Today Rook has been such a nightmare. We opened up a window in the attic for fresh air and he tried to get out onto the roof. Then when we shouted at him and told him to go out of the room he hid under the bed and attacked my foot –_–. Crow isn’t too bad actually, he’s been really affection this month.

Anyway, what I was getting at in this post is how it’s so weird to see similarities in people and how it’s nice to find out that there are other people like you, too. I’ve never met anyone like me at all until I met Dan, and despite all the crap that we’ve gone through and the problems that have occurred with the money aspect this year and trying to get by on JSA for the both of us, it just works out. It works out and I’m so glad it happened. Money doesn’t mean much to us, we don’t let it consume our lives. Living on hardly anything really makes you take a look at what’s important in life, and when you come to the conclusion that the only important things are the people you love and the animals that look to you for care and companionship, the issues and problems and shit just get’s lost.

That’s why I like The Middle so much. They never lose their hope or their love for each other even when things get really bad. And I don’t want anyone in my life who is going to prioritize money or a job or social status over who I am. Dan never has and I love him deeply for that.




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