We don’t need to see anymore episodes of The Walking Dead


The TV show. Started out so promising, but the one ruling disappointment this show has?

It’s shown on AMC.

Had HBO picked it up, it would have become such a cooler show. Rather like the game, we’d have had real heart-wrenching decisions (LAURIE! YOU DID NOT NEED TO DO THAT TO YOUR BELLY!) and warming moments opposed to the shows half-there violence and RIDICULOUS STORYLINES. Seriously – the little weirdo brat girl kills her sister? WTF IS THAT EVEN ABOUT?

We don’t need anymore The Walking Dead episodes. We don’t need an entire season and a half of a man who’s keeping his zombie daughter in his office and romps possibly the second most annoying female character in the show. We don’t need to see Rick being a little pussy cowboy trying to sow vegetables and not carrying any weapons on him as he does so, like a big derp. We don’t need a Carl who has become the most irritating little boy ever.

The governor’s actually dead now – not undead, dead dead – after his ridiculous head-chopping incident that got everyone up in arms (it’s how this show deals) occurred last season and we need more baddies now to keep things interesting.

Enter this group of people who lure others to their camp and trap them in a cart.

Rick said at the end of last season “they’re messing with the wrong people.” Really Rick? REALLY? They will kill you just because you are so bloody annoying. They don’t want your meat. They don’t want your women. They just want you to shut the hell up.

The Walking Dead the TV show has it all wrong. The Walkers aren’t the zombies, it’s the goddamn characters. Why do we need another season of a show where the zombies are more interesting than the main guys?

Because we just love the spun-out dramatic scenes. We love sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the next character to die. (Hint: it’s not gonna be Rick!). And we love to watch the “action” unfold.

Next time Rick, when something seems too good to be true, IT BLOODY WELL IS! You’ve been dealing with assholes for several seasons now, why do you think these terminus people are special snowflakes?!

Look, The Walking Dead producers, here’s what should happen in the premier: one of the guards from the terminus camp comes to feed them. They all rush him and overthrow the camp in one episode. End season.

Here’s what will happen: one of the guards from the terminus camp comes to feed them. They all talk about rushing him and overthrowing the camp for 14 episodes.  Then they overthrow the camp for real in the last half hour. End season.




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