Luna’s going freelance

Well, I’m doing freelance work alongside working because what better way to use my skills than to get experience and get a bit of dosh as well? I’ve already set up my Fiverr profile, and my services page is now listed on this blog, so contact me if you want to work with me!

I hate begging, and I don’t like donation buttons all that much because I believe that everyone should get some sort of benefit from handing over their cash. You can read more about this n my services page, but I basically offer writing services including proofreading and editing for a range of different formats. Don’t use my blog as an example of my skills as this blog is very conversational, very “of-the-moment” and I have no-one to proof my stuff, so I will obviously miss things! (And then pick up on it later and quickly correct errors!). If you want to see an example of my professional work, get in touch.

Right, cup of tea and writing to crack on with. It might not pay well, but writing has all the best benefits 🙂

Have a great week!


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