How do you write about something you’ll never write?

Daily prompt 28: Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about

Haaa! You got me WordPress! Sneaky devil – how does one write about something you’ll never write about?

I thought I’d have to think quite deeply for this one – those who have been following my posts from the start will know I’m comfortable talking about pretty much anything. But actually what came to me is something I always spoke about when I was younger – round about when I started going to uni – and I had gradually stopped talking about it as I grew up.

I had a period where I loved debating with people on forums. Loved the controversy, loved learning about other people’s views. One thing I did quite often is debate with people about religion. Something I will never talk about on my blog (excluding this post!).

I liked to debate about religion because I had only just identified myself as an Atheist. These debates were round about the time Richard Dawkins’s work became popular, and that bus advert cropped up – “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” remember that one?

I grew out of needing to defend my views and ask others what their reasons are for believing in something no-one knows for sure exists. I grew out of questioning religion, because like those who believe, I felt I no longer needed to justify why I didn’t believe. I just don’t. Religion is not something I find necessary in my life.

But what stopped me from caring so much about why other people believed in God was simply because I stopped objectifying “God.” I stopped thinking of these people’s “God” as an actual being that could physically control everything. I started to think of religion as a faith, and not a set of values or beliefs (though of course, many would say this is exactly what religion is). And the thing about faith is you can’t prove it physically exists. I hold beliefs in a lot of things people may think is stupid or unnecessary, but who are they to judge?

Who am I to judge? If religion and God helps those to become better people, why not let them believe?

My main disagreement with religion is the animosity it causes. Religion can cause segregation, barbaric rules and behaviours, alienation, violence, war, corruption. I still believe these things, but what changed is how I react to those who think I’m wrong. It’s my belief, and I let others have theirs.

A few months ago, I saw a debate where people were discussing religion, and I wondered why I hadn’t put a post on anything like that on my blog. It doesn’t make sense for me to do so. Why would I write about something I don’t like, want or need?

And so I won’t ever talk about religion on my blog. Because it doesn’t help anyone. I don’t want to make others believe what I believe, because I wouldn’t want that on myself. So instead I just leave people be. I let them have their opinions and their views – I’m Atheist, but only by definition. I don’t feel that strongly about religion to talk about it at length.

That being said, if I were asked, or if there were a discussion about it between my friends when I’m present, I would talk about it then. But blogging is not meant for animosity or dividing people. Blogging is a community, and it’s about uniting, welcoming and accepting others, even if you don’t agree on something.

So whether you believe in God or believe in teapots spinning around in space, it doesn’t matter either way. It doesn’t mean to say we still can’t be friends.




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