Hope? The only Hope I know is Bob. And he ain’t praying

Day 26: Tell us about a time when everything you hoped would happen actually did.

‘Hope’ is a strange thing. What we hope to happen is very much what we think is best for us at the time, but sometimes in hindsight, everything we hoped for that came true might not be what we really needed – or wanted.

I’ve never really been one for hope. Applying it to a situation I can control does nothing – I either can, or I can’t. Hope is to wish for a good outcome (for yourself, even if sometimes the outcome is bad for someone else) in a situation you otherwise have no control over.

When I was younger, I used to believe in prayers and wishes. That every birthday, no matter what my wish, as long as I thought hard enough as I blew out those candles, it would in some part come true. Of course, it never did (if wishes take their time, I’m still waiting on that pony). I’ve prayed when people I care about are dying – that any small chance they have at life, they would have it – but these never came true either.

In the past, I’ve also hoped for ill-will on someone who has done me wrong. This hasn’t come true yet, but there’s still ‘hope’ ;).

‘Hope’ – I’m not sure really, what it actually means. We can hope, but based on its meaning, if anything we hoped for came true even half the time, we would count on it a lot more than we do.

‘I hope I pass this exam’
‘I hope I finish Uni’
‘I hope I get to study abroad’
‘I hope I get a good job when I graduate’
‘I hope I fall in love at some point’

These are the hopes I’ve had that have come true. I had to wait a few years for some of them, so that doesn’t mean to say my hoping for something has made it happen – in fact, these things would have happened despite my wishing for them.

Perhaps our hope in something makes us fight for it instead. Suppose we ‘hope’ to pass a test or to graduate with a good grade, so we study harder. Suppose we ‘hope’ to get a job we like, so we search for it until we do.

But our lives can’t be built on something so fragile. A 50/50, flip of a coin chance that something might or might not happen. And that our hope for a good outcome somehow manages to change the odds. That our wishing for something hard enough makes it come true.

I don’t think everything I’ve hoped for would happen has come true yet. It doesn’t matter if they never do. We don’t always have the insight to tell what is wrong for us, and we don’t always know the difference between what we want and what we need.

I do in some part believe that everything happens for a reason. And in most part, I don’t believe ‘hope’ has anything to do with it. We can or we can’t.

It’s just that simple.




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