The Powerful Combination of a Good Book and a Cuppa

Day 25: Describe a little thing – one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

This prompt is actually a little complex. Describe a small thing, that I love. Well, anything I “love” I wouldn’t consider small. Things I love that are overlooked? Everything is overlooked, even love itself. Once you have something, and you have it regularly, you begin to take it for granted. To some extend, we can also take for granted things we love. I love writing, but what if tomorrow my hands were chopped off in a horrific accident? What if tomorrow, my mind suddenly stop being creative and my left-sided brain kicks in forever?

This is totally a British thing. But what I really love, is a great cup of tea and a good book. To have these things together is acheivable, but often overlooked because who has the bloody time? I’m still reading a book I picked up in January. This is not because it’s not an interesting book, but because my “reading time” i.e. before I sleep, is taken over by exhaustion. If it’s not exhaustion, then it’s because I’m doing something else, or I don’t feel like it, or just because. When I do finally find time to read though, that “sastified” feeling you get with reading a good book is made all the more better when you have a great cup of tea with you.

A good cup of tea is pretty common. But a great cup of tea can be hard to acheive. It (for me anyway) needs to have these factors to make it from “a nice cuppa” to “King of all Teas in the Universe:”

  • Temperature – not too hot that when you take a first sip you scald your mouth, thus rendering any further tea-drinking futile, because everything tastes like fire. Not too cold that you may as well have made it with hot water from a regular tap. Plus you get all that tea-film on the top that looks goddamn awful.
  • Colour – colour is different depending on what you like. For me, if it’s so dark I can class it as part of my mahogany furniture in my bedroom, it’s too dark. If it looks less like a cuppa and more like a vanilla milkshake, you’re really in trouble, because you have to start over again, or suffer through the disgusting milky-ness for 15 minutes.
  • Cup – oh, this is the part people take for granted. For me, the perfect cup of tea shouldn’t be in a china cup. Some people might be shouting at me now in protest. But in all honesty, the tea stays hotter in a china cup, and well, when I make or have a cuppa, I don’t want to be sitting around waiting for it to get to a temperature where my whole mouth doesn’t feel like it will go up in flames. The cup shouldn’t be too big, even though this is really tempting, because by the time you get to the bottom, it’s like drinking cold witch-piss (hot witch-piss is no fun either, but it’s marginally better).



Twinings Everyday – every time. Just look at that deliciousness.

And the one Golden Rule of tea drinking – no matter how tempting, no matter how broke you are, never EVER buy cheap teabags. It’s not tea, it’s tree-bark and TV dust in little sachets of LIES.




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