Why writing everyday doesn’t make you a better writer

I started my daily prompt challenge with one fact in mind: I will not achieve writing everyday. It’s not that I set myself up to fail, but that I set myself an unachievable goal and I strived towards it. That I have wrote over 75% of the prompts so far is an achievement for me. Writing everyday (or most days) has challenged me in a number of ways. It’s made me write even when I really didn’t want to; even when I had nothing to really say.

Between work, my blog and my own writing, I do write everyday. But this does not make me a better writer. Writing everyday and expecting the same outcome is the literary version of insanity. Only with learning and understanding your experience of writing everyday is it possible to become a focused writer, to find your niche, to find what makes you want to write.

Posts on this blog have been all over the shop: I wrote about my childhood, social media, life and other things not related to writing.

But that’s alright. Because my life is not just writing, it is so much more – and why not exercise this on my blog? My daily prompt challenge is far from over, and hopefully I will have the time to get back on track (although I don’t know, Game of Thrones seems to have taken my attention of late :p).

Does writing everyday make you a better writer, or a more experienced one?

Is there even a difference? You decide.




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