A Comprehensive List of Everything a Dog Can Eat (But Totally Shouldn’t)

I wanted to continue my daily prompt challenge, but today’s prompt wasn’t that great. Instead, I thought I’d write something a little light-hearted: a list of all the things my dog Ben has eaten in his lifetime. (credit goes to Dan, who has had him since ages and introduced me to this cute terror :D)


Black dog

Ben is a black collie cross who started to go blind at two years old. He can’t see anything at all, even though his hearing is spot on, and his sense of smell is amazing. He uses these extra-tuned senses to scope out unusual items that he thinks are perfectly okay to eat. Let’s start with edible food items (as in, humans can eat it but dogs probably shouldn’t):

Two t-bones steaks straight out of the pan. Searing heat couldn’t stop this doggie from having a tasty snack.

Toffees (with the wrappers still on them). The mystery of the missing wrappers is still unresolved.

Bunch of carrots. Eaten with an accomplice. Dropped a half-eaten one on the floor in the garden, which is when I noticed what he’d done.

A bottle of BBQ sauce. Immediately followed by a bottle of tomato sauce. Walking was awful, no doggie-bag required :/

Lucozade tablets. About three different packets on three separate occasions as well. He snuck them from my bag from the inside pocket. When both pockets were shut.

Black dog

Here’s some disgusting things he’s eaten, but you still understand why (he is a dog after all):

Mouldy bread.

Whole top half of a Pringles can. There were no Pringles in it, just the dust in the bottom.

Cat food. He once ate about 1.5kg in one sitting. The reason dogs shouldn’t eat cat food is that it expands in the stomach. 1.5kg, expanding in a dog’s stomach does not have a pretty ending.

Cat shit. And subsequently, cat litter. Sometimes he uses the litter trays like they’re a buffet.

Tropical fish food. Candy floss for dogs. One bite, like air, and it’s gone.

Chinchilla food.

Rabbit food. Not the veggie stuff you give them, actual bone-dry rabbit pellets.

Cat sick. Always.

Dog sick. Only Sheba’s, never his own. Stands to reason, I suppose!

Black dog

Now onto some rather questionable items that yielded strange results:

Ibuprofen. About 4-5 tablets in all.

Laxatives. ’nuff said.


Garlic tablets.

Cat de-wormer.

Candles. 20 tea-lights in total. Wax. Wick. Everything.

Vicks vapour rub. Missing vapour rub pot. Ben’s breath smells like menthol. Mystery solved.

Anti-acids. Tums, those fruity ones you can get. He ate almost a whole bunch, and the next day his poop came out glittery green.

silly black dog





It’s amazing the amount of stuff he’s eaten! One of the incredible things he continues to do.

Hope you enjoyed the post, happy weekend!



It should be noted that in no circumstances did we allow Ben to eat any of these things. Everything he has eaten on this list has been because he’s sneaked it from somewhere or got into things when we’re out!





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