Day 19: Déjà Vu

Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already had the experience you’re currently having?

All the damn time. My longest experience of déjà vu lasted about fifteen seconds. On rare occasions, I experience déjà vu where I predict by milliseconds what is going to happen. This is only very rarely, and it’s literally a split second, like a flashing image or thought goes across my mind and then the actual thing happens. I don’t really try to look into what déjà vu means in all honesty – I just let it happen. I feel that a moment has happened before and I go “oh, déjà vu. Oh well. What’s for dinner?”

Sometimes, very, very rarely, do I actually about 98% believe I have dreamt what experience I am having, before I even experience it. This is a bizarre feeling though, because I don’t remember a dream and then immediately know what I am experiencing is from a dream, but a moment happens that I recognise, and I think “I’m sure I dreamt this.” But of course, one can never be sure.

I think I’ve experienced these “flashes” of predictability about three times in my life. Once, I was sitting in my armchair in my first proper flat, and I was on my laptop, watching some TV show. It was about midnight, and I turned to my phone, which lay on the arm, and had a fleeting thought: “someone is going to call me with a problem.” The thought lasted no longer than it takes to say the first three words in that sentence. Then a second or two later my friend called me, crying her eyes out because her boyfriend was being a dick. She wanted to go out and get drunk. I was in my jammies, but I got up and got dressed, put on make-up and all that jazz, because she is my good friend and she needed to get blindingly drunk to forget her problems and she wanted me to forget with her. So I did.

Another time, a little less enthusiastic, I was walking to get my train to uni as usual. I looked at the platform the train would be leaving from, but as I descended the steps, I felt a fleeting moment again: “the train will change platforms.” Again, the thought lasted about a second, if that. Then a few seconds later the voice over the speaker said my train would be departing from another platform. And because I knew this already, I was so ready to turn around and rush to get the train before it left, unlike all the other poor souls who didn’t hear and missed the train.

Déjà vu doesn’t always have to mean something poignant is happening. It doesn’t stop me from the edge of death or anything like that. Knowing my friend would call didn’t gear me up for going out any more than if I hadn’t had felt that moment. I was still walking down the steps for my train when the announcement came.

I don’t believe in all that “greater power” kind of stuff. I have a specific set of logic in tune with spirituality, but I don’t practice it or anything. Do I think things happen for a reason? Yup. Totally. I could spin around anything negative in my life and make it a positive. And I’m generally not a positive person. Do I think dreams, déjà vu, predicting the future all mean something? Maybe, maybe not.

Point is I don’t care. Whether déjà vu signifies something great, or whether it’s just “one of those things,” or whether it happens because we all do the same old shit all day everyday, I just know the feeling is really, really awesome.

And I’m glad I get to experience this awesomeness, in a world where usual is the norm around here.




2 thoughts on “Day 19: Déjà Vu

  1. Awesome post. I have always thought that déjà vu was quite interesting.
    I have never known the answer as to why I experience it, but I echo your idea that it is simply a fun experience. 🙂
    We really don’t have to understand life in order to enjoy it!

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