Imma Slug You With My Gun – It Has Pyro!

Daily prompt 18: What activity, task or game most brings out your competitive streak?

Despite my game-playing, and despite me wanting to beat my boyfriend at everything, even things I have no interest in (it’s a “couple” thing – he must not ge the better of me!), I’m actually not a competitive person. I’m not really a sore loser, as long as the fight is fair, and I don’t really want to “win” everything, as long as the process of whatever I’m doing is fun – I really do believe in the whole “taking part” motto thing.

But having said all that, there are certain things I’m quite competitive with. Driving can be one of them, if the guy in the big muscle car tries to race my little Nissan and ends up choking out his engine (that was so hilarious!). Gaming definitely is one of those things where I say I’m not that bothered about winning, but if I’m in the lead, I don’t want to be knocked off that lead, so then the competitive streak comes out.

I’ve mentioned I play Loadout, a crazy, stupid game that involves (usually) two teams of four players. You either pick one out of two maps, or a random map. Each map can have any type of game play and there are currently four different game play types:

  • Blitz – There is a point on the map you have to claim, but if all your team-mates get killed (you always respawn after a death) and you are overthrown, the opposite team wins by the score bar filling up. Once the point bar fills up (green for your team, red for the enemy) the point is either won or lost, and another random point appears on the map
  • Jackhammer – Each team has a base with a hammer they have to protect, but you also have to run to the other teams’ base to steal their hammer. By far the most annoying thing is when you run around with a big hammer on your back and some punk shoots you and the lady commentating on the match goes “you have dropped the hammer” in a calm, cool voice. And you sit there going @!:##$!
  • Extraction – Each team has a “collector” that changes player whenever the collector dies, and you have to pick up “blutonium” and drop it in a chute thing
  • Death snatch – Nearly every competitive player wants this game type. It involves direct contact. No games, just kills. You pick up their blutonium vials and they pick up yours whenever anyone dies. The best bit is getting to your fallen team-mate before the enemy does, so when you pick up the blutonium the cool-voiced lady goes “you denied a kill” and you go “DAMN RIGHT MUDDAFUCKA I DENIED A KILL!” Only not as juvenile, and not as loud.

I find it really competitive because it’s so fast-paced. The whole point of the game is to build bigger, better and more kill-worthy guns, so who you play with completely depends on if you’re fighting against a dirty little camping sniper you barely see, who’s jumping around on rooftops with a grain of health left, or the “one-blaster” who dare not use a real gun but just go straight up to you and launch a rocket launcher at you instead.

My favourite move, and it works a lot of the time, is to lob a grenade over a hill or some steps near where an enemy is and watch the name come up on the bottom of your screen as the grenade explodes “you killed…GangstaBoi98”

I’d like to say tomorrow’s prompt is a little more serious, but who am I kidding? It’s not.




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