Your dream destination is…Leeds!

Daily prompt 17: Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Well I’m from Leeds, so this should be fun.

“Night Out” in Leeds is one of the best events in the city,
you have the luxury experience of choosing any venue you wish,
surrounded by local wildlife, such as lairy drunken men throwing
up on their own shoes. Once you are at your chosen venue, you
can still go anywhere else in the city you wish, usually for free.
It might be well worth paying for entry into a venue though, paid
venues boast high entry prices, and extortionate prices for drinks,
which they add extra-special ingredients to, such as water.

Once you feel like you’ve “had a good time” after all your lovely drinks
and you’re starting to feel a bit hungry, why not pop in to your local
McDonald’s or kebab shop? The food is guaranteed to taste nicer
the more alcohol you drink! There’s also a chance you might get
to see some local entertainment too, with young, brainless men
who like to shout at each other and throw “punches” – a popular
choice of weapon in this part of the world.

Like any popular place, it usually isn’t safe to walk around at night,
but just in case you do want to, always make sure you don’t ask
strange women why they are crying, or try to help out homeless people
because chances are, they are just as drunk as you!

Don’t miss this fantastic entertainment Night Out! Where there’s
always opportunity to suck face on the dance floor!




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