Day 14: Introverts and Parties

Day 14.

Okay, I won’t cheat. It’s like day 17. I missed a couple of days because I was just so busy, I have been writing, just at work and not in my own time.

Anyway, to save confusion, daily prompts before this were:

  • “Which six impossible things do you believe in?” – Well, to be honest, why would I believe in impossible things? Why not believe in things that are possible? Or better still, we believe in things because we think they are possible. Dreaming up impossible things is exactly what keeps them impossible. And now I have lost all meaning of the word “possible” because I’ve used it too much in one sentence.
  • “Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you?” – I’ll just be really lazy here. All my animal stuff is on my Animal Centre page. Funny story about that – it used to be called “zoo section,” you know, because I have so many aminals it feels like a zoo? And it’s a page so..there. Well, I kept getting lots of search traffic through the keyword “zoosection” so I typed it into Google myself and…well…lets just say people searching for that would have been disappointed in my page where the animals mentioned are actually…animals.

So, here’s today’s daily prompt.

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

Both and neither. When I go to a party, I expect to find someone with whom I can have decent conversation – or a few select people who are a little like me, and as the evening wears on and the more alcohol I consume, I end up talking with people who are less like me. And then afterwards I feel too overwhelmed and I feel that I just want to go home for a cup of tea, gaming, and/or bed.

Because I’m typically categorised as an “introvert” I never want to go to a party and be the life of it. It just doesn’t interest me. I don’t like attention, so I don’t ask for it, and neither do I do stupid stuff to get it. When the focus is not on me, I breathe a little and think “now I can think without everyone watching me.” Well no-one actually watches me. God no, nothing like that. I have to say though, my personality sometimes does just attract people’s attention because of the way I act. I like to call it my “don’t give a shit and not lying about it” attitude. Either people are drawn to me because I’m different and they like that, or they’re drawn to me because I’m different and I offend them and they want to feel special by being annoyed with me.

With questions like this prompt, it’s so black and white. I don’t necessarily like peace and quiet anymore so than I like big crowds or parties. I like to do my own thing, whether that be reading a book or playing a really loud shooting game. Both are different, but both have the same qualities: I like my own stuff, not surrounded by people who are baa-baa black sheeps (although I am probably the “black sheep” – but that is for another time).

It’s a rare thing to be completely comfortable with someone enough, not that you can’t spend a minute away from them, but where spending all your time either with them or near them is completely fine. If you do find that, that’s great, and that person should probably be your life partner, like I feel with mine.

Just because I don’t feel that comfortable at parties, doesn’t mean my life is any less quiet. I have a full-time, busy job where I’m supposed to act responsibly and shit. I have 7 animals:

  • one who likes to run around like a knob whenever she sees anything that remotely resembles a lead
  • one who plays up to his blindness by also assuming everyone else is blind
  • one who likes to piss on piles of clothes and hide on black things so he’s camouflaged
  • one who likes to meow at everything and sit on my keyboard when I’m typing (which he’s doing right now and making it harder and harder for me to type)
  • And three normal ones

I also have my blog, and hobbies, and a boyfriend, and his issues, and my issues and issues from other people who I push out of my life because I just cannot be bothered with their incessant bloody moronic opinions anymore.

My life is far from quiet, it’s super busy, and often very loud. But its my busy. Its my loud. And that’s why I prefer that over parties full of drunk, passive-aggressive people who have no idea what their names are or why they are even at the party to begin with.




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