Day 13: Why you should never work with children (but animals are okay)

I’ve actually missed the last two days of prompts, mainly because of stresses and life etc, but also because the prompts weren’t that great. I’ll be swapping one prompt for one I missed, tomorrow (is that cheating? Ah well) just because I don’t see the point in writing something just to write…I like to send a message as well.

Right, so todays prompt is: you’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation.

You know, I was thinking about how I would talk about life, and what makes you happy and that just because school teaches you about X, Y and Z, doesn’t mean that subjects I, Q and U don’t exist – and to follow your heart, not your education.

But me and Dan went to Tropical World yesterday (it’s like a zoo place with a butterfly house and a bat cave and stuff) and it being a Saturday, it was obviously packed with kids. I would talk about learning and behaving around animals in a way that doesn’t make a child go “OH MY GOD LOOK! A LEAF!” or ask if a tiny mouse is actually a Chinchilla (hint: it’s not) or that it’s not acceptable to say to someone “move out of my way!” just because you can’t see the sleeping snake in the effing tank. It’s not going to move, “Dudley” –_–

It’s more of a parent-thing though in all honesty. What parents know, or don’t know, they pass down to their children. Think a Capybara is filthy because it’s rolling in mud? Hey, great way to teach your child that animals are dirty scum.

We also recently became subject to a full-grown man (physically, anyway…mentally, not so much) who called his son over to him and said “look at that dog, go look” and pointed at my blind dog, Ben. Well fuck me, next time I see a person in a wheelchair I’m going to say to my nephew-in-law “look, a person with no legs, isn’t that weird?” Sorry, but just because my dog doesn’t know what you’re saying, doesn’t mean the owner attached to him holding his lead is any less the wiser. Asshole.

So, I could talk to the kids about how to treat animals correctly, including not being afraid of any dog, but being afraid of its owner. Ultimately though, it would fall on deaf ears because they’d go home and say “I learnt this today” and parents would go “don’t be stupid, dogs don’t have emotions” and thus the cycle of ignorance for animals continues.

Hopefully though, some of these kids would be a bit smarter than that and grow up with an improved attitude towards animals. No William, it’s not okay to shout at an animal through the window. It can hear you, and it’s probably thinking how nice you’d look with a side salad. Okay, there’s a cute baby meerkat, but please don’t shout and point, the rest of the world can see its utterly adorable cuteness (see below for pictures!) we don’t need you to point this out for us.

Baby Meerkat

Baby Meerkat

Look at its tiny face!

I’m not saying animals are actually thinking “god, I wish that child would STFU” but how would it feel for a human baby if people stood around it going “LOOK LOOK A BABY IT’S SO CUTE CAN I KEEP IT?”

Please do the rest of the world a favour and squee in silence.

Big fish

Here’s a fish with a silly grin for you to enjoy for the rest of the week.




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