Day 11: Poof! Horrible incident gone!

Today’s daily prompt:

You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as if it never happened. What would you erase and why?

I know EXACTLY what I would erase. I mean, if I had a choice in the matter there’s little to no incidents I would pick to get rid of, because I believe the majority of things happen for a reason – you can always learn from a bad thing.

However, there’s one incident that I often think about whenever I visit the dentist. I see the incident clearly in my head as though it happened recently. I see myself playfully running away from a boy who liked me when I was about 4. I see myself laughing in delight as he tries to catch up with me. I see myself running towards a tree, to hide. I see myself slipping on the wet leaves on the ground. I see myself hitting my face on the floor and feeling the immense pain in my mouth. I see myself in the mirror, looking at the gap in my teeth. I see my baby teeth (the ones I found in my mother’s trinket box) in the palm of a dentist’s hand.

It’s not that the incident couldn’t have been rectified by my wearing braces, but if it wasn’t for that day when I was being silly, they’d have grown out normally. I also wouldn’t still get that clenching feeling in my stomach whenever I walk across wet leaves, or around a swimming pool, or across ice or snow.

Damn you, small child-me. If you weren’t being such a little coy harlot, you’d have nicer teeth by now.




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