Something for the Followers: Part Deux

Going on nearly a year ago, I wrote a post called Just a Little Something for the Followers. This is the second part!

I hit 100 followers and 200 likes this week!

100 followers for this blog I think is quite an accomplishment, considering I’m pretty sparse with posts sometimes and often write about inane ramblings in insane ways.

So thank you all for getting me this far. It’s you guys who make me publish on here and have made me come back to blogging, even when I thought there was not much point.

I know the internet often demands a short attention span, and I try to include photos sometimes, but often it’s not necessary. So that having said, I want to also say thanks for following and liking, even though my posts are all pretty much text-heavy. And like 1,000 words long.

And as always, I want to thank my boyfriend Dan. Even though he doesn’t read my stuff that much, because he is a lazy bum –_– (and because he’s not into what I write, naturally).

I also looked back on some of my older posts, and I can see how I looked quite angry (I think it was the swearing). So thanks also for not thinking I’m an angry twerp (but it’s okay if you think that too. Honest).

Here’s to the next year!


<ImmaCenturianNow – YEY!>

In my post I just published, Day 4: Catch Up Time – March I actually found five words with a ‘b’ in! Job…twice. Publish, be and celebrate ^_^


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