Day 4: Catch Up Time – March

Today’s daily prompt is to omit any letter A-Z. I was due for my monthly catch-up as well, even though I know I missed last months. So this post is written without a certain letter – see if you can figure out which one (hint: it’s pretty common. And it’s not a vowel).

What I Did Last Month

Got a new role! Worked my socks off! Got sick! Threw away a mattress and a frame as it had a fuck-ton of mold on it! Got a new washing machine as the old one decided not to work anymore! Okay I’ll stop, now I just sound crazy.

I wrote two posts – here and here – for anyone who’d like to catch up with these.

I didn’t read anything other than stuff at work (as per when I get into work stuff) and I can’t recall watching any films as such. I’ve watched new episodes of Girls every week and finally started to watch the rest of last season of Misfits which ended like…ages ago.

Also watching Justified, The Walking Dead and Hawaii-5-0. I think we’ve watched The Walking Dead, although it’s hard to tell as some episodes are so mundane.

In gaming land, I’ve played and finished F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, which actually wasn’t that scary. I’m set to upload screenshots of enemies doing weird things on my other page and I’ll link to it when that’s done. Also playing Loadout at the minute, which is super fun and of course, super stupid.

What I’m Doing This Month

Updating on here with my daily posts to attempt to write everyday. I could post everyday normally, if I really pushed myself. I’m quite unmotivated though sometimes, and having a daily prompt really helps.

I’ve also got my two year anniversary with the greatest person in the world tomorrow and eating lots of restaraunt food until vomit comes out of my eyes.

S’all for now. Check in soon.



Oh, and the letter I omitted from this post? The letter that comes after ‘A!’ It was quite a challenge to take out words like ‘_ecause,’ ‘_log’ and ‘_ut’…see! Still won’t put it in the post – dedication!


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Catch Up Time – March

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