Day 1: Back to the Future

This is my first in a series of daily writing prompts. Prompts italicised are direct copies from the Daily Post 365 daily writing prompts PDF. file. For more on my ridiculous and ambitious writing project, go here.

A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write?

Let’s just assume “the future” and its people exists in real-time, in some other “realm” alongside the present (which has now already passed) in which we are able to send “messages” or some other form of communication. Let’s also assume that any messages or body part we do send to future-people is accepted as such by them, and that they do not throw away the message, not believing it is a person from “the past.” Let’s also assume the person we’re sending this message to is not a complete arsehole, and can in fact read.

First, who would I send the message to? Well. I don’t know. Who would be alive in the future? Also, how far into the future would you think is acceptable for this task? A minute, a year, 2,000 years?

Let’s take all three. In this order:

2,000 years: I will send a message to…current religious leaders of the time. The message I will send: “Justin Bieber was not a messiah. He did not die for our sins, he was a little knobhead who thought driving drunk was fun and wasn’t bothered when little teenagers cut themselves in his name.”

A year: I will send a message to my boyfriend Dan and say “don’t sweat where you want to go for your top-up year at University.”

A minute: I will send a message to myself saying “go make a cup of tea. Also, put the washing in the tumble dryer because it’s been in there all day and you know you’ll only have to wash it all over again.”




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