Currently Making Time: December and January Catch Up

Hey there readerly peoples! I was looking through my blog and I totally forgot to do my monthly update in December (Christmas, food and lots of chocolate is to blame for this) so I thought I’d give a two month wrap-up. I say wrap-up because I want to move away from this sort of update to include more important things – still including silly goings-on though, because people need to laugh and I need to show I’m not an emotionally unavailable mong. Which I am. But on to the better bits:

Books and Stuff

I’ve only read Catching Fire since my last update, how lame is that? I am currently starting the second book in The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. I’ll be finished with it by June –_–

TV and Film

Giiiiirls came back on the telly! Yeepee! So I’m watching that and being surprised/confused about random exposed vaginas right in the middle of a scene. Sometimes you see it, then you sit wondering what you actually saw: a real vagina, or pants with a really badly-placed pattern.

I also: watched ALL RIDDICK in about a week; have been frantically searching EVERYWHUR for a LoveFilm disc I misplaced when we moved – I might have accidentally thrown it away D: And I have also been rewatching Desperate Housewives. That show. Is like crack.


Actually, not that much. Been playing a bit of Max Payne and World of Warcraft. A dwarf gave me a blowjob. It’s a good game, played by strange people.


Gathered by the question mark, writing is sparse. Dunno why. Christmas, birthdays, DIY (again) and other such stresses.

Other Stuff

We went to IKEA about three times for a desk and draws and kept coming back home with plants, which I killed the leaves on one of them because I over-watered it. I stupidly bought a Ficus. A FUCKING FICUS. They’re like, the smallest, hardest plant to look after. Apparently. I set up a proper desk that can hold my monitor AND my keyboard and I got a penguin mousemat (you can’t put a price on penguins! Speaking of which, I keep coming back from my parents place with another penguin soft toy. They keep respawning in different sizes, with hats and scarves on, and sometimes earmuffs).

I got a new job, so there’s that. I start soon and it sounds amazing, I can’t wait to be in a really creative environment again!

You can expect to see more on the blog, I have a fair few ideas for posts. Don’t hold your breath though, I’m writing this and I should be doing dinner or something. At least it’s not a late night post though!

Oh, and someone checked out 50 – yes, 50! – of my posts. That’s seriously over three-quarters of my blog. I don’t begrudge this person, it bumped my average views up, so cheers.

Um. That’s it. Maybe there’s an update in Zoo Section under “About Me” should you wish to read it…maybe.





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