Currently Wasting Time: November OMGCHRISTMASIN6WEEKS Edition

This month I have written tons and been getting kidney spasms. HOW FUN. Now, onto the good stuff.

In Reading

I finished The Year of the Flood a few days ago and only just getting into another book. I love the MaddAddam series and I did promise I would review the books once I read them but I think I might actually wait until I read the third installment because there are crossovers and such.

In TV and Film

Last film I watched was This Is the End which is a really nice, funny film and Rihanna dies in it too so that a big plus. TV – I have recently taken up O, THEM (One Tree Hill Epic Marathon) and in the middle of Season 3 – THAT season with Keith :(. Also been catching up with Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead and finished the abomination of Dexter. What a crap ending that was.

In Games

EVERYTHING! Finally got my PC up and running after moving house and started to play Saints Row 2 which is fun until the derpy tow truck veers off to the side when you’re driving and kills a fuck ton of people. I’ve also been playing F.E.A.R. and Prison Architect. You can read more about these games and the sillyness-ness I love about them here.

In Writing

I’ve found time to write a story/novella/novel type thing and so far it’s turning out pretty well. Did I take part in NaNoWriMo? Nope. I don’t need a month to tell me I should be writing something now.

Other Stuff

Um…almost got kidney infection thingy, house still needs DIY tasks to it, sink got backed up and found a plug of congealed fat blocking a pipe and when I scooped it out I said “OH GOD IT’S LIKE LARD! YOU CAN COOK WITH THAT!” only not so loud and excitable. I also casually opened the washing machine door to wash clothes and a ton of water gushed out on the floor that had backed up from the pipes from the sink. On a better note, we managed to go to B and Q for waste pipes only once and got it right fixing it first time! Awesome at this DIY lark! Although as a future warning, do not attempt to fix waste pipes without first taking and drawing a picture of what you have, and what you want it to look like. It’s like math, only way worse and it involves holding loads of pipe elbows in the middle of the aisle and screaming “but it needs a screwy thing! Not a pushy thing!”

Also discovered that traffic cones are harder to run over than initially thought. The person who lived here before us has a penalty for not paying a bus-lane fine and my little babby cat Rook might have some special diet requirement for his fragile tummy. To be honest though he’s probably ill from all the straggles of dog food he eats. He also has an affinity for chewing anything plastic.

Happy November. May your thanks be giving and your moustaches be thinning.




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