Currently Wasting Time (or not so much): October Edition

September and October have been such busy months! I’ve posted two blog posts on my DIY update and not much else in the way of blogging, except for reading blogs in my reader every now and then. It’s actually been quite nice to have a break from blogging – I’ve made time to write stories away from the online world, and I’ve taken the time to reassess what I want out of this blog. Some people say I should be taking it seriously, i.e. getting some kind of revenue or other benefit from it. Some people just want me to continue, whereas others continue to write nasty comments which will never be published in order to gain some sort of power over what I do – these types of people are obviously not in tune with what being a human actually is.

So on to what I’ve been up to last month, if I can remember that far back!

In Reading

Reading The Year of the Flood and really enjoying it – and I’ll be posting a review of the first book in the trilogy, Oryx and Crake pretty soon. The Year of the Flood is one of those books I could happily sit with in a corner with a huge cup of tea and read in one entire sitting!

In TV and Film

Films, not so much. Lovefilm has gone astray with the huge moving debacle and we’ve only just added more films to the list. In TV, I’ve been watching Prison Break which is really awesome and we’ve succumbed to the devil that is actual live TV – lots of Cops and Catfish the TV Show has been watched. Also Bear Grylls, Naked and Afraid and other reality animal/planet type things that make me want to adopt a group of penguins again!

In Games

Nothing apart from a highly addictive game called Cook, Serve, Delicious which I’m 100% sure I will get terribly bored of once I’ve achieved everything, but hey I bought Batman: Arkham City so when I finally unpack my PC I have lots of DC goodyness to play!

In Writing

Been writing some articles at work which has been really fun. I’ve also started writing properly in my own time and I’m going to stick with it, too. Hopefully I’ll get something in the pipeline to put up here, or published – who knows!

Other Stuff

Erm..we almost adopted a third dog but turns out his cute-as-pie-butter-wouldn’t-melt-face didn’t get along with out other two dogs after all and after a pretty scary attack, we had to give him back to the RSPCA :(. I’m sure he’ll find a nice owner soon though, one who can give him all the attention he needs!

We’ve also been living in our new house for about 6-7 weeks now and still have yet to unpack the rest of the house, but we’ll get there eventually!

In the meantime I’ve been thinking about where I want this blog to go, and whilst I’m still reluctant to go independent (away from the domain) I still really want this blog to be about writing and literature and funny goings-on, because often I see writing is a window into our reality, and if I don’t laugh at it and share it with you guys, who will?

Autumn season is here finally in the UK which means lots of people flapping about with their brollies in the wind! I love this time of year, I love laughing at umbrella’s that turn inside out. I’ve also grown a weird love for people on Cops who get carted away wearing only one shoe.

Hope to keep you updated with more posts soon.





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