Why I Love Second Hand Books…And You Should Too.

The Paperbook Blog

You should only ever buy second hand paperbooks.

Actually, that’s not true. There are two very specific occasions when I buy brand new paperbooks.

The first is, quite obviously, when I buy orange Penguin classics. Buy them brand new every time. I mean, c’mon, they cost the same as a second hand book anyway, and they’re so gosh darn cute. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

IMG_4017I’m working on my collection, it’s Penguin-carrying-book-store gift certificates on my Christmas wish list this year for sure. Take note.

The only other time I buy brand new books is at airport book stores. I can hear you thinking, are you mad? Books are twice as expensive at airports. It’s the law of supply and rip-off. But for me, there is something so exciting about buying books in airports. Generally, you’re killing time in an adrenaline fuelled haze, your mind locked onto your impending…

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