I Can Write in 2 Minutes

Sat at my desk at work on my 15 minute break. I have 2 minutes left and I’m typing this on my phone so it takes longer. And this is when I’m inspired to write.

I write when I can but mostly I write when I’m bored. I tend to write at the oddest times (followers and avid readers know that 2am is my most popular publishing time). I read that to have more readers you need to post everyday, but that would be cheating with my writing and I don’t want to just write rubbish just to get a view.

I should post more. I know I should.

Oops no time left.

What do you want to see on the blog?

Oh and I’ll expect at least one moron to try to comment. I have an actual harasser now. Isn’t that nice.

Time is up! Back to work.





2 thoughts on “I Can Write in 2 Minutes

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