In Other News…

“HURR DURR. I am annoyed for you so instead of complimenting you in a backhanded way I’m instead going to insult these people I know nothing about. I looks so smart, me – insulting a peoples for my lovely gain of being a bully – umm…yeah I feel good inside now, next to my feelings because I gone and done this crazy thing. I have GUN. My husband HAVE GUN. Blow your face off we will. Also. Cock and eye.”

Insults from an annoying gnat and/or other gnats that buzz around complementing deranged people because they knew them once over the internet. They just do it really because they are unintelligent morons who don’t have anything useful to say except sputter out a pile of horse shit to gauge a response. Well, this is not my response. I laughed and laughed and wrote about it here because, well, stupid.

I don’t know who they are, or what they want. If they are looking for compensation because I called bluff on their friend, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like them. If they would let this vendetta go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for them, I will not pursue them (even though I totes could because, well Pipl search). But if they don’t let this go, I will look for them, I will find them, and I will kill them.* But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t. Because I have better things to do, like continue to be a psycho, apparently. And to perfect my ghoulish look. –__–

It’s funny when people say hard things behind a keyboard. I mean, if you really, really want to have-at me there’s my email address:

I can give you my home address over this too, if you like. So your British friends can get all hard and stuff in person. And maybe we will all have a tussle in the square like some old western movie only we won’t have guns or cowboy hats – well, we can buy them special for you – and it won’t be over a girl we want to date, it will be over nothing, really, accept lies and more lies on top of insane babble (much like I’m doing now).

If you like, there is my email address so you can really get personal – lay it all out on the table. Except, oops, nope you won’t because, well, insane. Batshit. Crazy.

Also, I have seen you in your underwear and your lady-garden, too so you know when people say “just imagine them naked” – well, I don’t need to do that. That’s why I just laugh, not manically, just a giggle and an “oh, bless.” Because I have seen them in their birthday suit.

I’m not too sure really what I wanted out of this post. I guess it makes me look bothered, tells them I have seen the comments but I don’t care, because I won’t hear from them – to let on that they have seen my post is to admit the very thing they don’t want to, to me – that they continue to look on my blog for any kind of thing to insult.

But seriously, my looks? How could you not love this face?:

2012-05-07 19.25.54

Oh, and another thing – I don’t care about anything these people have said, but I found it really funny and as my followers know, I can’t resist sharing something worth a laugh. Especially when the joke is entirely on them.

Once again, email address ^^^^ right there. Please get in contact should you have anything further to insightfully add. But I’m pretty sure you said it all when you said I didn’t use logic. I’m so fricking illogical that I didn’t find out where your friend lives and send her a nice surprise. I’m so illogical, I didn’t report her lies to the police. I’m so goddamn illogical, such a psychotic spoon that I didn’t sign her email address up for illegal shit.

Nope. Nopeity nope. Didn’t do any of that.



*Yes, totally stolen from Taken. With edits.


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