Currently Wasting Time: August Edition

This month I have mostly be playing games, being a victim of cyber-bullying (pah!) and not doing household chores.

In reading

I finished The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks and I really enjoyed it. I sort of lost the plot a bit about three-quarters of the way through, because in criticism, I don’t think action writing is Weeks’ strong point. He’s really good at setting tone, mood and delving into characters and their psyche but when it comes to writing action he’s a bit all over the place. Once you get used to the switch though, it’s good writing and he’s great at killing off favourite characters. I’ll probably read the second installment pretty soon, but I’m now reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck – I read it in high school but it’s even more enjoyable to read now, despite its short 131 pages.

Then I’ll be completely engrossed in the dystopian world of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy for a good few months. I’m going to re-read Oryx and Crake even though I read it at uni, because it’s really useful to reference to for the following novels, even though the character set is completely different. Her new book, MaddAddam is coming out in September – eep!

In TV and Film

In telly…True Blood, obviously and my opinion of Alcide and Eric have changed dramatically. Eric is less whimsy and Alcide more – twatish? He should seriously just leave Sam and Emma alone though, the bloody idiot. I also feel really bad for Andy this season with all the stuff going on – it’s been a great season so far!

In other telly stuff I’ve also been watching Hawaii Five-O like mad because that is an awesome show.

The last film we watched was Warm Bodies with that kid from Skins and About A Boy. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, so all you cynical zombie-fans out there, just watch it and stop with the bad reviews! (If any, I’m just assuming here)

Still haven’t watched The Hunger Games.

In Games

I’ve finished Resident Evil 6 (apart from Ava’s campaign) and me and Dan are now playing it through on the “No Hope” difficulty setting (for reference, No Hope is the hardest setting after Professional). Most of the time we’re running around with 2 bullets between us, holding our stomachs because we have no health left and getting lucky with enemies by them spazzing out and falling over each other. Or else we’re planting that rare bomb and blowing everyone to shit (including ourselves). Highest death count for a single chapter so far: 32.

I’m also playing The Walking Dead and have just finished chapter 3. It’s such a good game, and I really enjoy the fact that you get to pick your own choices for stuff. It makes you get that much closer to the characters. And Clementine has to be the cutest child ever:

Clementine: Duck is always blaming me for things. He said I put a bug on his pillow.
Lee: Did you?
Clementine: Yes.

What else? Oh lots of things…I’ve been buying shit from where you get like 8 or so games for $5. Seriously, it’s amazing. I got Saints Row 2 and 3, Dead Island, Risen 1 and 2, Sacred 2 Gold and Sacred Citadel for $6 (because you can buy them for as much as you want).

In Writing

I should just get rid of this category since I barely write blog posts now, but I suspect I’ll be carrying on with my writing stuff soon. (Maybe)

What you can expect to read this month

A post about censorship, since everyone is so goddamn PC around here. I’ve written a fair bit about personal stuff recently, more because I can just publish that without a second thought, but that’s not fair on readers of this blog. This month will be busy since we’re moving out in a couple of months and we’ve got a lot to do (like not die from mold infestation.)

Oh yeah, I left a plate on the kitchen side for a day and a half and it had grown furry black mold on it already. I had to throw the plate away I was so freaked out. I keep getting images of walking down into the cellar kitchen and being greeted by a big mold monster big as the ceiling with bits of food and mice and cutlery hanging off it, slavering all over the worktops and smashing a Dettol bottle to bits.

Laughing Uncontrollably At

Probably something me and Dan find funny but no-one else does. But, we’re meant to be psychotic bullies you know?




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