Random Rant: 3AM Shit (I’m Still Here)

Wow, so it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. I honestly didn’t think it had been that long, and I’ve had in mind a post I wanted to write about freedom of writing and other nonsense, but I genuinely haven’t had the time to set aside for my blog. I guess it’s been a busy two weeks.

But I couldn’t tell you really what I’ve been doing. I’ve just recently downloaded a lot of games, so I’m playing those at the moment, I’ve finished Resident Evil 5 and 6 since the last time I published a post, so that’s how long it’s been. And now I’m playing The Walking Dead and Batman: Arkham Asylum so I apologise if you don’t hear anything from me for a while, I promise I’m not dead, I’m still here!

I suppose when it comes to writing a blog, as I’ve probably mentioned before, is that it’s hard sometimes to maintain one, and the fear of being forgotten outweighs the need to just get on with doing other things away from my blog. I’ve also been looking at tons of blogs at work, and to be quite honest, it puts me off. Not necessarily because there are shit loads of terrible blogs out there, but because I can see (especially in beauty blogging) that they only like to do it for money, for fame and freebies. They only write for their followers – sounds stupid, I know, after all I’m writing this for mine too – but what I mean is that they only seem to write posts that they know people will comment and like. I get that this is the main part of blogging, what’s the point in writing if no-one will like it? But I recently noticed a blog I follow has changed its tune. The blogger no longer writes for themselves like they used to, but for other people. And it disheartens me. Writing on your blog shouldn’t be because you want others to feel sympathy for you, or to shock your readers, or to even tell them how great your life is – it should be about what interests you. This blog I follow just makes me want to go on and read something else, because I’m not interested in blogs who cry out for attention.

That’s why I haven’t been bothered to write anything lately. Time of course is a factor, but I haven’t really felt the urge to blog until now. Over the past week I’ve read beauty blogs, and I hate 99% of them, because they are there mainly to show others how beautiful, how expert, how utterly wonderful they are at being a beauty blogger. I don’t fucking care. You are not successful by how precisely you apply your fucking eyeliner.

As with everything, there are exceptions (apart from paedophiles, there are no exceptions there. And possibly rape too. That’s a bad one) but these exceptions are hard to find, and generally aren’t very popular, because they are far too niche. I kind of find comfort though, in the fact that these beauty and fashion bloggers who do it for the money will quickly be finding out that their easy income will dissipate quicker than gin around an alcoholic. Why? Oh, because of the little fact that cosmetic/fashion companies aren’t paying them to review their products anymore. Nope. Not doing it. Google has put its foot down.

And so it bloody well should. I and the rest of the working world don’t slave away all day at our jobs just to line the pockets of some shit blogger writing about Clarins products. Beauty bloggers probably annoy me the most because most of them are terrible writers and storytellers. Okay, that’s a nice shade of lipstick you have on there but you still need to tell me why it’s better than eating a shit load of skittles so I can “taste the rainbow” in more enthralling ways than what you’re doing, which is the equivalent to sticking your hand in a book called “blogging for dummies” and hashing out some long words on a website before not rereading your trollop of a post and then clicking “publish.”

But these types of blogs will always be popular, some more than others, and generally they will always have a following which gains in numbers quickly than any other blog genre on the internet (aside from fashion). But I’m fucking done reading tanning reviews, make-up tips, hair tutorials and reading the word “haul.” Stop using the word haul! It doesn’t mean what you think it means! There are no people “hauling” products from shops on their backs like some travelling gap-year student back-packing around Tunisia. You bought three nail varnishes and a mascara! A fucking turtle carries more than that on it’s back when a leaf falls on its shell!

I’m done reading about products I don’t use on skin I don’t have. I’m done reading about tutorials that are far too complicated, tips that don’t work and advice that is utter bullshit. I’m even remembering the hair brand, Aussie, that stupid fucking slogan I thought was so goddamn cool: “There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good start.” What a dumb thing to say. Try telling that to Lex Luthor the next time his cruising the Toni & Guy section and cursing all the people with hair follicles.

There is more to life than hair, Aussie. There’s more to life than beauty, there’s more to life, even than getting annoyed by beauty blogs and their authors. But damn it feels good to let go of some steam.

I didn’t really expect this to be a ranting post, but do you know what? Sometimes it’s really needed. Like that twat on the quadbike last night who zoomed past me at 60 mph and the equally annoying cunt of a taxi driver who tried to fucking race him. Excessively long beeping was needed. And it felt damn good.

Better than tasting the rainbow.

Now tea and bed and a good weekend ahead. Poetry rules.

Later bitches.




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