Currently Wasting Time: July Edition

So far this month I have been busy trying to navigate my tiny keyboard to play games on my PC and reading stuff that makes me annoyed.

In Reading

About halfway through The Way of Shadows. It’s a fairly long book to say it actually looks so short. I also made the mistake of going ahead to read the blurb of the second book. Why? Why?! I’m reading as well a book on Health Anxiety, which is something that isn’t really known in the medical world, never mind society. And it annoys me that people just judge without thinking. More on this later.

I am also reading a shit ton of shitty article and blogs (not because I have to, but because I come across bad as well as good blogs sometimes) and wonder why on earth people manage to get their site so popular when it’s filled with crap. But maybe it’s personal choice. I noticed this week that there is a community really concerned about plant disease (diseases that affect plants not, as my boyfriend thought, a disease where you slowly turn into a plant :P)

In TV and Film

True Blood has begun so it’s 12 weeks of wanting more of Alcide, less of Eric (cute, but far too whimsy) and wanting Bill to fuck off and die (oh wait, he already did that…THEN CAME BACK and now he is annoying as ever with his silly hair and his silly accent). Tara has always annoyed me, and even more so that she’s shacking up with Pam, who I think is really awesome.

Films…I have a DVD of The Hunger Games I’ve been meaning to watch like…forever…but no films watched much this month.

Also been re-watching An Idiot Abroad and just laughing twice as hard second time around. Especially things Karl Pilkington says such as:

  • Asian people don’t age well, do they? You never see a 35-ish Asian person. Like they look alright when they’re young and then they age overnight, like a pear.
  • I’m not getting on a camel again.
  • I’m not getting on a bull. I’ve rode a horse, had a drink, I’ve eaten a worm. That’s enough.
  • I want to see for myself if something is a wonder, like they say “The Great Wall of China” – whoa, whoa, wait a minute, the “alright wall of China.”
  • I just thought China would be different…like I said, it’s where they made the iPod isn’t it? Stuff the iPod, get some f-ing toilet roll.
  • [In a broad Manchester accent] Me bollocks…me bollocks are squashed.

…and so on.

In Games

I have a shiny new PC so I’ve been playing games like Resident Evil 5, The Sims 3, Sonic Racing, Rayman: Origins and other free trial games on Steam. I used to think I could take or leave games, but once I get into them, I can’t stop playing and playing. I’ve also started to play Eve which I’m enjoying at the minute.

In Writing

I wrote this article for work which I will link to once it (hopefully) goes live.

What you can expect to read this month

I’m working on doing a bit of research around a topic I want to write, something which I feel strongly about and I want to do some more reading on it so that I can give the post its justice. I’m also thinking about writing a post on disabilities and judging people, but we’ll see. This time next week I may feel so strongly about ducklings I might write a post on that. Or on silly people. Or the sky.

Laughing Uncontrollably At

An Idiot Abroad. It’s seriously so funny. I know people who know nothing about Karl and little or nothing about Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant think it’s a set up but trust me, it isn’t. It’s excellent telly.




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