What Do Writer’s Do When They Don’t Write?

What do writers do when they’re not blogging? Typing away feverishly at a laptop in Starbucks drinking a frothy cappuccino? Scouring the library or local bookstore for some inspirational writing? Reading other blogs, essays or watching videos on TED about the origin of writing and its place in the world?

No. Well certainly not this writer. I did download seven or so videos on TED but have yet to watch them all. I’m reading a book that is essay-type writing and I have tried to read other people’s blogs, but not outside of work, and definitely not as much as I’d like.

This week, I haven’t blogged much. Because mostly, I’ve been doing other things, such as:

1. Attempting to take nice pictures of my dogs. And failing.Image

Notice that Sheba is posing nicely while Ben is whipping his hair back ‘n forth.

2. Taking pictures of under the bed because it will make me see everything only to bring up my phone to look at the pictures and find a face of a stupid cat.Image 3. Killing Giant MothsImage

4. Buying my new Tommy Hilfiger glasses.Image

5. And my Osiris sunnies where I wear them indoors at night and make a duckface pose because I am just that groovey.


6. Even more hilariously, making Dan try them on so he looks like an agent from Men in Black.


7. Eating Jaffa Cakes and remembering that advert:


“Full moooon”

“Harf moon”

“total eclipse!” (well, apart from a spot of chocolate)

8. Getting wallpapers for my background in All Things True Blood


9. Getting my new PC! (And acting like a twat)


10. Using the flash on my camera to see where the cat is.



This week I have also:

  • Saved Crow [the black cat] from the roof when he got out of the attic window
  • Accidentally locked Rook [the derpy cat] in the kitchen for 6 hours
  • Come home to Dan telling me that Ben had thrown up on Sheba
  • Watched Sons of Anarchy Season 5 in its entirety

So us writers don’t all don a laptop and hitch it to the next coffee shop with free wifi. We often do other real-people things, which may or may not make us look like nutjobs.

But hey, all the good creative people are crazy ^_^




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