I Have A Dream That One Day…I May Not Get Shot At

Oh I know, other people’s dreams aren’t that interesting. But despite making a promise to myself to not post personal or inane babble on here, here I am, talking to you about my weird dreams.

I’ve tried to interpret my dreams since I was a teenager, and I know what most of the themes I dream are about. Every weird dream I’ve had has been because of a direct reflection on what I’m going through at the time in real life. Every theme I’ve interpreted has rung true for me, except the dreams I had for the past two nights. How can I possibly think that my dreams mean anything, when I can get strange dreams from eating before bed or because it’s a warm night?

Last night I went to bed with the thought “I’m going to have a weird dream tonight.” I don’t know why I thought it, but when I get one weird dream, I usually have two or three more before I don’t dream – or remember dreaming – at all. But last night I had an array of frightening – now hilarious – dreams.

Completely unrelated from last night, but along the same lines, I had a dream a while ago that I got married to this guy, where the wedding seemed like the family arranged it or what have you – I didn’t even know where the reception was or if we were going to have a honeymoon – short of it is, at the reception (in this shitty café somewhere) my “new husband” went to the bathroom and when he came back these gangsters in a car shot him up and chopped off bits of him and threw it about. Weird right? Well actually the funny part was one of my bridesmaids said “look, they’re taking away his penis” and when I looked, this guy was dragging away the dead husbands penis on a string like it was a dead rat.

So last nights dreams I had were also about shooting and getting shot at. The first dream I had actually woke me up it was that frightening – in the dream I received some bookmarks that had pictures of me sleeping, and a drawing of me on a bed, like a kids drawing, and a silly profile of a pencil-drawn face next to me sleeping on the bed and the word “boo” above me. Like this ghost guy was stalking me and sending me these weird bookmarks to say he watched me when I was asleep or something. And the whole thing took place in my mother’s house, and it really freaked me out.

Then I had a dream that I was working in a lab for that Jigsaw guy from the Saw films and everything was going swimmingly until he decided to shoot all his employees. So he shot me and I played dead, then he shot me and killed me for real when I tried to run away and he saw me on the security cameras.

Then I had a dream that I was at some sort of rally, and these people shot everyone there, so to survive I dragged a dead body over me to look like I was dead. But then they shot everyone in the head anyway, to check no-one was cheating.

Apparently dreaming of shootings, being shot at, ghosts, being haunted, etc, means that I’m letting go or confronting my past, that I’m accepting something that happened in my past that I had previously refused to accept.

But honestly it’s probably because it was like 25 degrees last night and I had junk food before bed.

Sometimes remembering my dreams is really cool, they usually seem to last quite long and they are always full of weird shit, but sometimes when you dream the same weird crap over and over it makes me want to poke my eyes out.

Oh, and my last dream was I got shot through the forehead with an arrow and as I was dying I said to myself “well, that makes sense because I’ve died in all my dreams so far.”

Fucking dreams. What do they mean, anyway?




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