Currently Wasting Time: May


I just finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I loved it! I’m searching Amazon right this second to get the next installment (and maybe the third if it’s cheap!). I don’t normally like thriller/crime type novels as I find them too generic, but I really loved this book, and even though I thought the movies were pretty good, it actually puts them to shame. I thought the characters were well fleshed out and the plot line flowed easily. It was hard to put it down. The only thing I would say about it – though it’s not a criticism, just a curiosity – is that everyone in Sweden seems to eat sandwiches. Seriously, every time one of the lead characters did anything, it was like “then he had some sandwiches” “he had coffee and open sandwiches.” Very bizarre.

I’m now reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. Waters is a fantastic writer, I read The Little Stranger by her, so I’m hoping that this novel will be just as good.


Packed to the Rafters (Season 2). I’ve been watching it so much lately, it’s just one of those series where you connect really well with the characters. I’ve also been watching Buffy again and getting completely obsessed with it. Nostalgia!

In films, Dan and I tried watching something called Savages. It has Blake Lively in it and that guy who plays John Carter. Fucking terrible movie. We watched about 30 minutes of it before we had to turn it off. I don’t really do that with movies, but this one was a must. I was willing to give Lively a chance, because I just saw her as a girl who smiled a lot in photos. She’s either a terrible actress, or the character was just pointless, or perhaps both. For one, she lives with Carter guy and this other dude, and she sort of…shares them? Like she has sex with one, then goes into the bathroom and has sex with the other…one scene even showed them having a threesome. It’s something I don’t understand, and I get some people do it…but over Lively? She has as much charisma as a wooden spoon, and treats these men like they should be falling over themselves just to be with her. It’s also made worse by the fact that she narrates. There’s one scene where the guys are going to live in Indonesia and she has a crestfallen face because she thinks they’re leaving her behind. And I was like “GOOD. NOW GO FUCK OFF AND DO YOUR HAIR.” But then they took her, too and I was like – Fuck this shit, let’s turn it off. Now.


Don’t Starve. It’s a game where you are on an Island and have to harvest and kill stuff to live and there’s all these different animals and elements that can kill you. You can get it through Steam for your PC, and you can buy two copies for just £17.99. Go get it now! Hopefully the developers will bring out an update for multiplayer or co-op so it will be even more fun, fun, fun!


Meh, nothing much. I ashamedly got Coin Dozer on my phone and it’s really addictive. I guess apps are like take-away, in that it’s really addictive, but you get hungry half an hour later. I am hungry for some better games. Anything other than Farming games and “Four Pics One Word” or “Logo quiz” will be acceptable.


I wrote content for work (and will probably have to do it again) for this lovely lady on her blog. I will link to it as soon as it goes live. And check out my previous posts for my writing project that I will probably discard after two months.

Laughing Uncontrollably At or whatever it’s called. I morphed together Dan and Ben, and Dan and Rook and it came out with some pretty disturbing results:


I pissed myself for an hour at Daben (the top one)!

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I heart creativity!




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