The History of My Writing

This is a follow-on of the post Writing Project Mania and here is a bit of a guide to my writing style, and what you can expect from this project.

My History of Writing

8-years-old: I began writing a story called “The Secrets of the Hidden Mountain” based briefly on my friends and cousins. It was about four sisters who moved next to The Darkest Forest and they went on an adventure to this mountain to find a dragon. I wrote the beginning and the end, but never a part about the dragon…I got too scared.

12-years-old: The Secrets was still a story I pondered about, but in English I wrote a children’s story called something like “The Curious Mouse” and I made a book with pop-up pictures and doors you could open and stuff. He was a tiny mouse, looking for his cheese!

13-years-old: In English again, I wrote a short story but I don’t remember what it was called and I didn’t keep the notes. I remember it was based on a format the teacher gave us (like your characters are a human, an animal and magical creature) and I remember it was pretty awesome. I just wish I’d kept it!

15-years-old: In English again I wrote a short story and I don’t remember the title. I know I completely wigged and lifted the plot from a book I had been reading at the time. It was all my own writing and the characters were different, but the plot was exactly the same. I am ashamed, but meh, like it hasn’t been done. (I’d never do this again, FYI)

16-years-old: I started writing my own stuff in my own time. I didn’t finish anything (except poems) but I was working on this psycho/teenage fiction for a long, long time. I still have the notes from it, because I did write some stuff worth keeping, and it’s actually turned into something else. It was about three friends who had someone close to them die suddenly and they attempted to get on with their lives. This is also the material that spawned my male protagonist writing, and I realised I lean towards writing male characters, or strong female characters at the least.

18-years-old: I co-wrote a script with three others out of my performing arts group. Two of them were terrible and practically wrote a pornographic bed scene (written by a female!) and it brought down the rest of us.

18 to 22-years-old: In my first year at uni, I wrote little short stories and scripts. In my second year, I wrote a short story which was considered for the University of Canberra’s student short story annual. It was an abstract story about a kid at a high-school who murders his classmates (not as morbid as it sounds!) and it was called “The Rain-Maker.” I also wrote a 500 word story about an alcoholic who attends a meeting. In my third and final year at uni, I wrote my experimental story and my 60-page script. My short story got a high first and it was called “Let the Evil Whisper.” It is a story about a guy who has something special about him, and it’s 5,000 words and doesn’t have the word “and” anywhere in the story.

22-years-old: I wrote a short story called “The Note on Death Row” and had it published online.

Aside from this, and since I left uni, I’ve been experimenting with various short stories, scripts and novels (poems, too, but I’ve grown out of this format). I decided that despite all the ideas floating about my head and a folder I have in My Documents called “Material” that has about 50 files in it (my poems folder has 150 :/), I wanted to focus on one project per platform only. So now I have a script and a short story/novel I’m working on.

My writing style is not mundane or “usual” so for people wanting to read a good crime thriller or sopping romance, you’re not going to get it. I use metaphor and analogies quite a lot, and almost always I use subtext. I don’t use eloquent language and I barely write what is deemed “a sentence.” My writing will be very different from fictional to blogging, because I will be writing about characters that are not me.

This is a work in progress, anything you see here (apart from links) has not been created anywhere else. Most likely I’ll have wrote it up, edited it and published it within two hours. I may work on more stuff for longer, such as my actual novel, if this project works out.

I will always ask for feedback and comments and I will be setting up a “contact” page if you would like to give feedback anonymously.

I won’t try to give an estimated publish date, because I do other stuff like gaming and working and blogging, but I’d say there’ll be a story up at least once a month, and it will always have a title naming it a story, so you know if you want to read it or not.

Well, here’s goes. I’m officially handing my creative life over to you guys. Please, be gentle ^_^




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