Sleep? What Is Sleep? And Other Childish Games

It’s become almost impossible to sleep properly these days. We’re (my boyfriend and I) are going to bed at about 5/6 am and getting up at 3pm and then lazing about like hibernating bears. We’re trying to get up earlier, but when it’s wintery outside and you don’t have anything important to get up for, it’s like why should I forego having a solid 8-hours kip just because I don’t want to look like a bum? That and the fact that our quality of sleep is poor because the cats like to sneak in the bedroom and fall asleep on us (which is nice) but then once they’ve got their fill of sleep (which is about an hour) they start jumping around and playing, seriously it’s like having children jump on your bed, only they have CLAWS and attack any part of your skin which is hanging out of the covers. Or, like my youngest kitty Rook, you come up to your owners face and sniff their nose :/. And there’s the thing with Ben, one of the dogs, who has this thing at the minute where he kind of yips in the morning. So nice having pets, they just have no concept of sleep time.

This is like one of those personal type posts that no-one’s really interested in, because it’s not necessarily about something interesting, but I’ve read too many blogs like this of late so I guess it’s kinda rubbed off on me. I read somewhere that good blogs are supposed to make the reader come away with something – gossip, scandal, etc. But that’s not me. I don’t watch soaps, I’m not interested in the goings-on of celebrities (unless they have something relevant to say), I’m not into gossiping about mundane things. I don’t want to write about academic things, or to create a blog purely to do with the theories behind stuff. Like how interesting is talking about the theories behind sleep on a personal blog?

Similarly, I’m not going to try to post every little detail about my life on here, because that’s also very dull and boring. Unless I’m a 500 pound talking ping-pong ball sharing my experience of trying to lose weight while coping with the anxiety of being a ping-pong ball, there’s not much point in relaying day-to-day details to you guys.

I don’t know why anybody writing a blog would do it. Yes, I’m known to write a few personal posts on my blog, but I also like to keep it interesting. I’ve read blogs that are just there purely to show people how “kooky” and interesting the writer is. Seriously? Going to Starbucks and posting conversations that are “funny” between you and your mates is boring as bat-shit. So why do I continue to read them? It’s a fascination, really, to see how the minds of these people work. My biggest worry for them is that they leave themselves vulnerable. They leave themselves open to hatred, scandal and possible dangerous situations. They post where they live, what they do for a job, where they go for lunch, who they hang out with. It’s so easy to track people down, and these type of bloggers are practically laying out the welcome mat for potential stalkers and/or psychos.

But I digress. I don’t write too many personal things on here, not because I’m afraid of people knowing who I am, but because my life really isn’t that interesting. Not everybody finds my pets adorable, or funny. Not everybody finds what I do or talk about interesting. Some people (mainly my brother) think I ramble too much. Hmm, maybe but writing a paragraph for a blog post isn’t doing anyone any favours.

When I have an idea I want to share with someone, I’ll post it on here. That’s why I blog. I don’t do it to make myself feel better, or to be like “look everybody, this is my life, isn’t it so interesting?” I do it because I have something to share. Whether or not anybody finds that interesting is up to the reader, I guess.

But anyway, yeah sleep. It’s 6am, I’m up. I didn’t get up early, I slept until 5pm, then we ate dinner, then we had a nap on the sofa from 1am-ish to 3am. Now we’re going to stay up all day and probably have a nap if we get tired or just try to go to bed at a reasonable time like the rest of the world. Seriously, I’ve turned into a vampire. (When I say “we” by the way, I’m including myself and my boyfriend, I’m not some sort of Golem-esque schizo!).

Bah, so instead of sleeping like a normal human being and doing normal human stuff, I’m doing stuff like this:

2013-02-15 22.56.33

And then sending it to my boyfriend. When he’s sitting two feet away from me on his PC. Because I wanted him to be like “oo, I got a text!” and then when he opens it it’s a picture of me acting like a derp.

-.- this is what sleeping at odd hours and waking up when everyone’s coming home from work does to you. It makes you put lollipop sticks into your mouth so you look like a disabled walrus.




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